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Oppression or universal deception?- The Palestinian truth

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Oftentimes, we tend to buy into an idea which is marketed singularly in the form of distorted actualities aimed at induced estrangement of our own communities. We, as animate beings stuck somewhere between the humdrum and hectic pace of routine life rarely want to delve into depths of the issue and get carried away by what is being presented to us as authentic.

That’s the typical Palestinian victim card version of the entire plot dating back to the Arab-Israeli War of 1948.

In the most disastrous turnout of events following the recent Al-Aqsa mosque episode, Israel launched retaliatory counterstrikes against Hamsa & its terror affiliations towards The Gaza Strip— a military self defence move which Netanyahu claims as fundamental to ensure homeland safety and is backed by The US President, Joe Biden while adding that he hopes the conflict is sorted out at the earliest.

While it shouldn’t be astounding to realize that most of The Labour MPs of The UK are stern believers of appeasement politics, the trend’s been increasingly admired and emulated by global pop-icons and celebrities of non-majoritarian communities hailing from the country.

Here’s the most recent Instagram post of the once avowed atheist, mostly apolitical, Zayn Malik (an internationally renowned English singer-songwriter and an ex-member of the prominent boyband, “One Direction” and the only son of Yaser Malik — a first generation British-Pakistani musician/songwriter) which fails to portray the other side of the story :

It’s indubitably true that civilians at both the Israeli and Palestinian ends suffered casualties .However, the damage done to the Palestinian side was significantly more owing to their lack of an active anti missile defence system unlike Israel which intercepted more than 90% of rockets fired by Hamas with its state of the art Iron Dome anti missile defence technology.The blame game simply doesn’t fit if one opponent dares to possess an equally active role in a warlike situation yet ends up being a crybaby after being unable to shield its civilians, devoid of sophisticated tools of conventional warfare since the Government military funds are ultimately shifted to fundamentalist militant groups like The Hamas.

With the violence escalating and death toll in Gaza reaching 85 and numerous ground situation reports covered by the western media, here are the unseen reports & reality check of the equally tragic scenario in much of Israel.

This 6 yo Israeli boy, Ido, was killed by one of the 1000+ rockets fired by Hamas militants while at his family’s home in Sderot,Israel. (Source: IDF)
32 yo Soumya Santhosh from Idukki, Kerala was killed by Hamas rocket attacks leaving behind her husband and 9 yo son. The Israeli Ambassador to India, Ron Malka offered his condolences while condemning the act. (Source : Israel in India/Twitter)

Do you still think extremist outfits like The Hamas cares a tad bit about the civilian security of their own country? Well, you might reconsider your thoughts.

Source : IDF/Instagram

A 7 month old Israeli baby almost died because a group of Arabs, supposedly on a stone pelting spree started hurling stones and rocks on her family’s car and it hurt her head.

They were just a few instances of underreported ferity subjected on the Israeli side.

Despite the conflicts, Israel still has a sizeable Palestinian-Arab population who relish the same rights like every other individual and lead their lives with dignity.In fact, there are Arab members and a Palestinian party in The Knesset—The Parliament of The State of Israel.

Thus, there needs to be a balanced approach in maintaining international diplomacy by India, keeping view of the former’s ties with Israel while confirming to guidelines issued by The UN.

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