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Goebbels is back and he’s brought the 2nd wave with him

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Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s ‘Propaganda Minister’ & his most famous quote was: “Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth”. What we see happening today around us in India since March 2021 is a masterclass in Goebbelsian Propaganda from the ‘Dirty Tricks Department of CONg’.

Aided by another far more sophisticated #toolkit from their international collaborators, this time the CONg has spun a seriously sinister web of lies & deceit around the Modi Govt. The 2nd wave started in Punjab Maharashtra Kerala & Chattisgarh (all CONg/Left ruled states), and its no surprise that Punjab which was the epicenter of the so called ‘farmer protests’ was actually the origin of the 2nd wave.

When Narendra Modi chaired a COVID review meeting with CMs on March 17, 2021 & alerted the CMs about a lurking potential surge in cases Mamata Bannerjee & Bhupesh Baghel were busy with election rallies. They didn’t even bother to attend this meeting. Rahul Gandhi was busy doing pushups amd large rallies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

But what did most of the MSM outrage about with all its fury? Modi and Shah rallies in West Bengal and Kumbh Mela-this at a time when Maharashtra was contributing well over 60% of the national daily caseload, but not a word on the MVA Govt for obvious reasons.

If you recall RaGa had a repeat of his mamma mia’s call of the conscience moment when he called of rallies in WB and a day or two later announced that he had tested positive for COVID-even with RaGa’s IQ one can join the dots & figure out what really had happened. All this was basically to pressurise Modi-Shah to immediately pull out of WB because by then the BJP had started to look like a serious contender. Mamata’s rallies meanwhile continued in full glare of media but they looked the other way conveniently,

Once Modi-Shah pulled out of WB tour, darbaris of the erstwhile UPA sultanate went on a massive fear mongering overdrive with articles in international media on how India’s healthcare infra was crumbling,  photos of funeral pyres of unfortunate casualties of the pandemic were sensationalized and these were literally sold by the photographer in a pukeworthy display of crass commercialization and tragedy porn. All their efforts to denigrate Modi went in vain as EU leaders stood strongly with Modi and lauded his fight against COVID. India’s leadership in Vaccine development and #VaccineMaitri to 70+ countries was being appreciated by the world.

Amidst all this – Dilli Ka Malik slowly took centerstage with his shenanigans. The inventor of ‘World Class Mohalla Clinics’ despite being caught with his knickers down & in a twist on multiple fronts came out unscathed largely due to covering fire from his ‘media friends’ who were more than happy to shield their biggest advertiser.

AK spent 150 Crores on self promotion between Jan-Mar 2021 but set up only 1 out of the 8 Pressure Swing Adsorption plants of Oxygen that he had received an allocation from the Centre way back in Sept 2020. Dilliwalas were suffering & dying but Dilli Ka Maalik was busy doing the only thing he has ever done since becoming CM – ‘Blame Narendra Modi’  for everything including shortage of Oxygen which was entirely his fault.

When Centre put forth a demand of an Oxygen Audit in Delhi, AAP panicked. Around the same time 7000 Oxygen Concentrators were allegedly found on the hotel premises of a a prominent businessman, Navneet Kalra allegedly close to both the Gandhis & Kejriwal, to make matters worse for Kejriwal, an AAP leader Imran Hussain was allegedly caught with a large quantity of Oxygen.

But once again ‘friendly’ media rushed to the rescue of their biggest client – both these incidents were barely carried by media. With their help, Yugpurush smartly shifted the narrative to shortage of vaccines & no prizes for guessing whom he blamed again : Narendra Modi & his #VaccineMaitri.

Lies, however don’t hold ground for too long and it was revealed that Delhi Govt had ordered for only 5 lakh…yes you read it right… 5 lakh vaccines while other states were ordering in Crores. But once Kejriwal blamed #VaccineMaitri all other cohorts in other states, media & Corporate bigwigs also started shouting the same lies in one voice just like Joseph Goebbels.  There were agendas within agendas this time:

1)Pressurise GoI to allow Pfizer etc without bridging trials

2)The states who had demanded right to procure their own Vaccine Quota from open market had failed miserably and this was the only way to shift focus from their failure and blame Modi.

3)Public outrage was instantly fuelled because most of India was not aware of SII’s obligations to GAVI nations and exports to AZ international markets contingent upon which they secured the deal with Astra Zeneca to make Covishield in India. Modi became villain instantly for exporting vaccines while his own countrymen were facing shortages.

This entire propaganda has been skillfully planned with continuous shifting of goalposts and now the target is GoI’s #CentralVistaProject. However since they have no real issues to take on Modi Govt they can only resort of chicanery and fool a section of the Indian public with their lies repeated a thousand times till it sounds like the truth. BUT its not the truth and Destiny’s Child-Narendra Damodardas Modi will once again emerge victorious along with 100 Cr Indians

Jai Hind

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