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Dear eminents of the country, can we please ask to shut your filthy mouth up?

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The way in which the eminent unelected people of this country are behaving makes one wonder if these individuals are the new Royalty and are above all others. The holiest and the wisest eminences think that they are the guarantors of the rights of the citizens, the defenders of the democratic values and what not. The delusions of grandeur have reached to twinkle twinkle brilliant stars level and reached the empty heads and are mostly making noises instead of acting on serious cases waiting for a patient hearing.

The delusions are such that nothing seems to be out of bounds and it seems that these eminences have considering themselves as the Gods of a section of Indians. It would not be a miracle if a decree might be delivered stating that their pics be placed along with the gods and they get the first pooja to verity the credentials of the poojary and ensure the quality of the rituals. The current eminences might not directly do it but might give this huge additional burden to the retired ones. The eminences think that since they alone are doing everything at all times during their regular work like, they are thinking that even after retirement they have to bear the burden of this third world country’s religious affairs because the devotees are fools. The delusions of grandeur need a repair of the basic structure.

These eminences have never allotted the necessary time to look into the deaths of two lynched sadhus but are more worried about the facilities to those who want to break India. The eminences did not find it necessary to stop the middlemen protests and secular rioters in the capital of nation but instead have aided in the killings of Indians. These eminences have all the time in the world to notice that the Teesta who is a special protectee is present in the protest sites leading to the deaths of 59 Hindus. This number is very close to the initial deaths of Godhra but there was no pogrom in Delhi riots. May be the eminences wanted a riot in the Indian streets but China had other plans.

The Chinese virus seems to have derailed the plans just like that baby retard leaked the toolkit publicly a bit early. The eminences were more blind than a real blind by birth. The selective blindness is aided and abetted by the government of the day and a sample of it was seen when a government went ahead booked a 5-star hotel rooms for the Modern-Day Royalty of India. Public anger has made the eminences and the government to realize that luxury in the pandemic times is not good optics but something else can happen privately and nobody will know because the wealth of the eminences is not yet declared for public consumption. Those lecturing the natives about morality will tend to forget that they too must practice what they preach. These eminences are like those child abusers who preach high morals and then pay billions of dollars to settle cases with victims.

The ways of these eminences are beyond the understanding of any sane person. May be the eminences have transcended the logical sanity of human beings and are now operating at the level of aliens. May be the eminences have watched too many broadcasts where in Indian deities are considered as aliens and have come to the conclusions that they are the most powerful ones on this land. The government of India has failed in a big way in reining these madmen across the nation. The statements made by these eminences during the pandemic times are beyond any constitutional morality and each little eminence is making the state as his personal kingdom. One Royal king went into a private ceremony and insulted everyone present. Another Royalty allowed shooting and is transferred without any action. Many things are happening and the citizens’ lives never matter to these eminences but the pandemic issues have become an itch that needs to be scratched by the eminences. The desire to play for the global audiences has gone into the heads of these eminences to such an extent even they happily lie about their father’s death. The land of Dharma is now filled with eminences who have a disease called Verbal Diarrhoea and the only treatment is to ask them to Shut the F*@k up.

Verbal Diarrhoea is a common disease like regular Diarrhoea affecting all Indians but when it affects people in power it creates many more problems. The problems may not only be limited to loud noises at 5 am but can also lead to beheadings by supporters of the patient. The victims of this disease are usually the special protectees of the eminences whom the constitution considers as a special citizen and most laws donot apply. All governments bow before the eminences in order to escape the results of the diarrhoea because it is not a good experience to do the post cleaning. The eminences have brought themselves to such a situation that only their favourite caretakers are allowed special considerations and all others are given secondary treatment and nobody is showing the mirror.

The eminences are believing the environment that they exist is the reality and nothing else exists beyond their vision. The eminences are also believing that their mere statements will set things right. Some god said, let there be light and it was believed that light came into existence and so are the Indian eminences. The belief in their super natural powers has made them super humans, err aliens in their own land and their disconnected from reality was evident when one of their own spoke about greatest women of history.

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