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The White-Collar Criminals

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The ‘white-collar criminals’ are defined as a spirit that survives on our soul, which can travel across the globe, could exponentially produce similar but more powerful offspring, and an essential feature that a female spirit can also pregnant a similar male spirit. They may not have a specific gender, race, religion, nationality, and ethnic background, but they are bonded together with a strong, cohesive force. There are several types of ‘white-collar criminals’ we encounter every day in our lives. The most important among them is the one with whom we spend our most precious time, after our families and friends.

It is painful and unfortunate to say that they are essential pillars of our educational systems and identify themselves as ‘teachers’! We call them ‘teacher,’ ‘Guru,’ ‘Acharya,’ or, ‘master.’ Don’t get offended or be surprised. We are not generalizing it, but we are talking about a significant population. The “white-collar criminals” are those who have disrespected this holy profession of “teacher,” which is a big responsibility.
In Hinduism, a “Guru” is defined as below:

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।
गुरु साक्षात् परम्ब्रह्मा तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः।।

The above Sanskrit shloka can be translated as: A Guru is Lord Brahma himself. He is Lord Vishnu, and he is also Lord Shiva. A Guru is Parambrahma (supreme God or the absolute truth). With this realization, I offer my obeisance to the Guru.

As always, there are good and evil souls. I seriously felt to share my experiences, which are based on the events happening around me, or, with my friends or colleagues, worldwide. Therefore, any quoted events do not belong or represent any particular country, gender, religion, or race.

A significant portion of our parents’ hard-earned money goes to the academic system, believing that the teachers will instill a good moral in us, build up a high-quality knowledge-base, and show a right and true path to accomplish lives’ goals. Everybody knows this as we still believe that a Guru is equivalent to God, so not wasting time, let’s come to the point.

Our first meeting with the ‘white-collar criminals’ is scheduled as early as we first enter a kindergarten. The crimes start in the form of discrimination because of variety of reasons, and if the psychological conditions of the ‘white-collar criminals’ is pathetic, then your soft and innocent heart is going to be ruined and tiered-up, without even letting you know, until someone reminds you, when you are a grown-up kid.

The crimes are at every level of the academic system. In this article, we will be focusing on the period when we enter to a higher degree, masters, and PhDs. Academia emerged as one of the most corrupt industries. In the academic world, the crimes are not well defined except plagiarism, and in most cases, either not reported, or if reported, the victims have to pay the cost of becoming the ‘whistleblowers.’

Here are some examples: to finish your thesis, you may be asked to do some house chores, some personal work, and writing others’ theses. This is a mild crime, with the condition that the ‘white-collar criminal’ you are working with is a ‘mild spirit.’ If the ‘white-collar criminals’ are holding your graduation until you are wholly squeezed by writing several papers, asking you to make them the first author or adding ghost-authors in your research, and writing and managing grants, you are a victim of ‘moderate spirit’ of ‘white-collar criminals.’ If you were unfortunate, in a way that you get trapped with a ‘super dirty spirit,’ you will be asked to offer your physical beauty to satisfy their evil desires.

Here, if your spirit is ‘super positive,’ you might stand up and fight. Unfortunately, most of us lack this ‘super-strong positive spirit’; consequently, we suffer and bear the pain for the rest of our lives.

The moment you start shining, your positive aura starts spreading around your workplace, my dear friends; now this is the time to get ready to take a dip in deep shit. By the time you will take out your face to see how the world looks, you will be all screwed-up because you have lost (sacrificed) all your opportunities, being obedient and loyal to your’ advisor.’ The moment the word “eureka” came up from your mouth, it’s time to offer or share ownership of your ‘ideas’ to them. Your protest to them could make you walk on the ‘Path of Fire.’ The choice is yours.

These are just a few examples. There is another hell waiting for these victims when they start looking for academic positions. They need good recommendation letters, they should have several publications in so-called high-impact journals, their advisors should have an extensive network, and most importantly, their advisors are willing to support them. Additionally, there are other factors.

If passion for teaching and research were not good enough for academic positions, Prof Karen Kelsky didn’t have to write a book, “The Professor Is In.”

The next level of hell is the “publishing world,” where several big-groups are already there. I am not discouraging here the excellent work if you have good work that will be published sooner or later. However, you may not find good mainstream journals and editors who review your work without bias. There would be groups that dominate this “publishing world.” If you want to go deeper, you will find people from specific countries, institutions, groups even specific religions dominate this “publishing world.” The open-access journal revolution has also added to academic corruption. Each individual is itself a significant nexus, and one may need to write dedicated to each issue.

Coming back to the scholars’ world, I have met several scholars who had to sacrifice their research after working hard for four-five years only because they were not in the so-called ‘good book of their advisors. However, nothing hindered them from excelling because the real scholars have no boundaries, and no obstacles can stop them. I know many of them who serve the worlds’ top organizations after leaving their research career unfinished. They only miss a prefix-Dr. in their names.

I know several scholars who could not stand up for the right thing and surrendered their identity to those ‘white-collar criminals.’ Now they are part of that culture, partners in crime, and looking forward to breeding another generation of ‘white-collar criminals.’ The old ages of ‘white-collar criminals’ have already created a new breed of a young generation of ‘white-collar criminals,’ which are more vicious and dangerous because their diet is multiple times greater than their ancestors. They eat the souls of innocents. It sounds like a war between good and evil souls, so unfortunate for humankind, but because humans’ greed is the cause of all problems. Academia is not an exception, although we respect this profession the most and believe that the teacher-student relationship is connected with the most pious bond after the bond we are connected with our parents.

It hurts the most when we know that a Ph.D. student committed suicide as they couldn’t cope with the studies—no one chooses a Ph.D. program to die. Someone has to be answerable to all these. The irony is these crimes have been so normalized that no one even talks about them. As if this is a part of this game!
As I mentioned above, that there are good and evil souls. Those who survived in this war only because they had strong positive spirits and support from the ‘real gurus.’ The irony is that we lack such ‘real gurus’; consequently, we lack a ‘strong positive spirit.’ We need to appreciate and admire those ‘real gurus’ and discourage the ‘white-collar criminals.’

Choices are always ours, whether we should be a part of the ‘crime culture’ and nurture these monsters or say ‘NO’ to them. Remember, your one ‘NO’ could save at least one more ‘innocent soul’ other than yourself if you do not dare say ‘NO’ to these “white-collar criminals” at least thank those ‘real gurus’ who supported you and showed you the right path.

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