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The ideological effect

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India, the country with millions of years past culture, tradition and history. Even before Buddha, Mohammad and Jesus appeared, we had the knowledge of Vedas, Upanishads, and the developed cities of Indus valley civilization. From Jambudvipa, Bharatkhanda, Aryavarta, to Bharatvarsha, Hindustan and then back to partitioned India. There had been a long history of it’s sorrows and pangs to powerful victories and valor. Somewhere with a balance of socialism and monarchy India has always been a preceptor of Equality. Although we had different perceptions and opinions but we accepted every opinion with a kind heart. This is what the beauty of our country is. The priceless gem of the global crown.

But from the last century we are facing a tug of war between the society and their thoughts. Most probably from the some decades, that has seen a bifurcation of the society to the two wings of the ideologies, the Left and the Right with their followers as the Leftists and the Rightists, respectively. How come a nation with so vivid culture and tradition that emerges as a nation of ramified unity in diversity, can be bifurcated into two schools of thoughts? But it has been done, specially on the political grounds. The present scenario is built in such a way, that if you express your thoughts and opinions, you will generously be criticised as “BHAKTS”.

For the people who have no idea, this political ideologies are actually simple terms for the seating arrangements of the French Estate General during the time of French Revolution. The nationalism which the Indian “Leftists” blame as Right wing feature was actually the term related to the Left wingers of the French Estate General.

But how come foreign ideals can stimulate us? May be again our “Look East but follow the West” policy. West has a tradition of one language, one philosophy, and one vow, although with different idealogical thoughts. But how come a country with no nationalised language, no common philosophy, no common determination and no common goal at all, can have similar ideologies with them? After all we are diverse not just with the perception and opinions, but in the name of caste, creed, language, culture, clothes, food, tradition, and the most importantly, RELIGION! How can we be the same?

A fascinating thought which I believe is that, “the ideologies are derived from our interests. We follow things in which we are interested and adapt that ideology.” We Indians have the common philosophy of herd movement. Our thoughts are mostly influenced by our family and friends. Our thinking and interests are so vivid that we can have different perceptions for a single subject, offcourse that’s what the beauty of our thoughts are. 

People with revolutionary thoughts often compares, following a ideology with slavery and bondage. For them, the ideology is somewhat related to idiocy and insanity.  But as they say, you can love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it. The fact is that this are the true roots of a  democracy which is based upon the thoughts and expressions. Any damage to this can be a way of demolishing the constitutional framework of our democratic nation. And that cannot be accepted! 

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