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Possible export of Tejas Mk1a to Malaysia

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In this article we will try to see and analyze that can India hope to sell Tejas Mk1a to Malaysia

Before I begin I am again telling you that whether Tejas gets selected and exported is an entirely different sphere but what matters is that we are trying to export it and have engaged different countries in military-diplomatic-geo political channels/dialogues.

A team of Malaysian experts will come to India which will include:

  1. Malaysian Defence experts
  2. Malaysian military planners
  3. Malaysian Air force pilots/officials

The team is expected to come to India in 1–2 months and all the necessary preparations for their arrival have been done. The team will be shown that how a Tejas is made (by film/ppt) how HAL tests Tejas and why this plane has an excellent and the best service record. They will also be briefed about the weapon’s of Tejas Mk1a ( weapons in the comments section)

If we will see some little history then we will come to see that this project to buy some LCA from countries was launched in 2019 and the contenders are:

  1. LCA Tejas Mk1a
  2. JF-17
  3. T-50 golden eagle
  4. Aermacchi MB-346
  5. Yakovlev Yak-130

The current plan is to acquire a total of 12 aircraft with a follow on clause to buy 24 more aircraft’s (from the same company)

According to the defense experts of Malaysia: “Tejas is a better, cheaper and stronger contender than all the plane in the competition. In comparison with Gripen, this plane is cheaper(with no compromise on its spec) while in comparison with JF-17 is much more capable.

TEJAS MK-1A vs JF-17 BLOCK-3 | RECENT upgrades - YouTube

If we compare JF-17 with LCA Tejas Mk1a then we see that Tejas Mk1a is a better option as it is a 4.5th gen plane which is highly unstable and has some stealthiness due to the use of composite material meanwhile JF-17 is an aerodynamically stable plane meaning that it would be able to perform good maneuvers and it lacks RSS (Relaxed Static Stability) making it a 3rd – 3.5th gen plane. Moreover, in recent times Malaysia has some conflicts and troubles/issues with china which is making that evident that Malaysia will not choose a Chinese origin of the plane.

Now, whenever we talk about the exports some people ask 2 things:

  1. Does India have the appropriate infrastructure and production capability to make these jets and fulfil the requirements of IAF as well as an export customer?
  2. Tejas uses an American engine and an Israeli radar and some avionics so will they give permission?

So the answer to the first question is yes because the production capacity which is being built for IAF is of 5 aircraft 1st year then 16 aircraft in 2nd stage and then a final production assembly of 24 aircraft per year for Tejas Mk1a. The GOI had given money to HAL for upgrading its Nashik Plant to make Tejas and this plant can easily make 30 Tejas per year but will not be run on that number till more order come. So for delivering of Tejas to any export customer this plant can be used so there is no need to worry.

The answer to the second question is that people have not read the details properly. If you will read it properly you will come to see that the plane will be of Tejas Mk1a standard and that plane will have a UTTAM AESA radar which is indigenous, the plane will also have an indigenous jamming pod along with indigenous MAWS, IRST sensors.

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