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Khalistani gang leader “Guru” stirring violence in Canada against Hindus

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As tensions are at a high between Sikhs and Hindus worldwide due to Khalistani elements trying to cause a disruption between the religions.

Hindus in Toronto have been organizing peaceful rallies in support of India-Canada relations over a great gesture by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of donating COVID vaccines to Canada which have been met with Khalistani elements causing disruptions and taking out counter rallies.

It is Khalistani extremists in Canada leading the pact as Jodhveer, BIL of Jagmeet Singh has been in the spotlight for inciting violence against Hindus in a recent Tiranga Rally.

Another name that has been circulating on social media is of a individual with the alias “Guru” who has been tied to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and his BIL pictured below.

pictured is Guru in the above picture.

Several accounts have confirmed that Guru has remained out of law enforcements sight after the Tiranga Rally in Brampton last month despite being a proven criminal mastermind in the events.

Guru has been accused by hundreds of Hindus on social media for disrupting a Tiranga Rally held in Brampton, Ontario harassing rally goers that was caught on video last month.

Khalistanis engaging into anti India activities
Seeking help from Canada Police and MEA of India

Further increasing his resume of violence, Guru was caught leading an assault on innocent Hindus outside a movie hall in Brampton, ON causing a commotion on social media between Hindus and Khalistani Sikhs.

Khalistani’s ambush Hindus outside a movie hall in Brampton

The question asked by proud Indians to Canada is that when does this all end? How many more such incidents must we see before this Khalistani problem is acknowledged and dealt with by the Canadian Govt?

The Indian diaspora in Canada and concerned individuals in India want answers.

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