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India faces second wave united, sickular media and left liberals attack Gujarat

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India is in the grip of a massive second wave of the COVID pandemic. The union government, led by the honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi is on a D-Day mission to stop the corona spread and reduce the death rates. The BJP led central govt already had a massive success during the first wave with bold and decisive actions. Now when the second wave came, left-liberals and intellectuals are howling for a new lock down. One should not forget that the same group of people has criticized the first lock down imposed by the union govt even though it successfully arrested the First Wave.

With the second wave’s arrival, our govt is on the surgical strike mode against corona—this time, the modus operandi involves vaccinating a targeted group of people so that the damage is the minimum. Modi govt unfolded Tika Utsav and expedited the use of vaccines like sputnik-V, and the opposition and left-liberals started politicizing the vaccine. Congress and other allies started a debate around an imaginary shortage of covid-19 vaccines. This move to create panic among the ordinary people by repeatedly saying there is vaccine shortage fell short. Common people were generally bemused of all the irresponsible fear-mongering unleashed by congress and other left news portals.

When the Goebbelsian attempt at conjuring up a “vaccine shortage” out of thin air by congress leaders and states such as Maharashtra and Kerala failed, the intellectuals had moved on to their next trick to malign the central government. I.e., Misrepresent or spread falsehood about Gujarat and put the responsibility on the honorable Prime Minister and Honorable Home Minister.

When the vaccination program and Tika Utsav were a big success in arresting the rapid spread of covid-19, states like Maharashtra and Kerala have failed to provide adequate infrastructure, leading to a vaccine shortage. Experts had also pointed out in many of these states crying foul, does not have many takers of vaccine, which leads to the expiration of precious vaccines. In Chennai, many people are reluctant to take up the vaccine because of the falsehoods spread by the opposition parties. In this time of pressing needs, one can only hope opposition parties and intellectuals will show some responsibility and stop these nefarious activities. While all of India showed a decline in cases before the mutant strain started the second wave, Kerala was reeling with a higher number of cases and deaths than any other states. instead of taking up responsibilities, these states just started demanding an unfeasible amount of vaccines from the center as well as reducing the age limit to 18. It is unfortunate that these state governments are not showing any sympathy towards other states which also have an equal share of the vaccine.

In this light, all the left and congress media started spouting fake news regarding Gujarat to deviate attention from individual states’ failings and malign the central government. First came the ‘Remdesivir distribution’ allegation. With no sticks available to lambast the NDA govt, they picked up BJPs efforts to distribute Remdesivir to the deserving people and reduce the effects of covid-19. When the second wave started, the union government and state government have capped the drug price in the market. Also, as an added effort to prevent future shortages, on April 11, the export of the Remdesivir drug has been banned. Gujarat police also started their mission to find out hoarders of this vital medicine, and many Remdesivir black marketers are already behind bars. Instead of lauding these efforts, opposition and left news portals started to misrepresent the efforts to distribute Remdesivir as hoarding. As usual, such hate mongering did not work.

After the Remdesivir attempt failed, Left news portals like Scroll.in, The liar.in, The Lallantop, etc. started spreading the fake news of IITGn in the home ministers constituency had vaccinated a thousand students below 45 years of age. This attempt at the controversy did not even get any wings as the Gandhinagar collector had conclusively rejected this as fake news and provided there was around 400 vaccination happened at IIT Gandhinagar all of the beneficiaries are either above 45 years of age or essential workers. Students volunteered to help with logistics and maintaining social distancing in the drive. Health department officials have explained that very often, when on-site vaccination drives are held, the center that they are deputed from is sometimes given as the location where they received the vaccine for administrative purposes. Of course, the discerning junta of India had seen right through such pathetic attempts at controversy.

After many failed attempts, the Left and congress media are on a 24 by seven attempt to show Gujarat’s health system in a bad light. Edited videos and manufactured reports abound on Twitter and other social media. Pictures taken from other states and sometimes even from Brazil are spread as if they are from Gujarat. These media unleash a massive smear campaign against Gujarat. Sometimes one wonders whether these media and intellectuals care or value human life.

The second wave of the pandemic is due to the muted Coronavirus being severe than the first wave. However, no one can deny that the union governments’ efforts to manage the second wave with minimum damage to the economy and minimum deaths are not showing its result. If the vaccine role out did not happen at the time, things would have been entirely different. Health ministry was prepared for this months before and is proactive in its measures. Unfortunately left, congress and intellectuals are more interested in watching our country suffer. As long as the union government led by the NDA is in power, that will remain a dream.

Rajaneesh V R
Swami Saranam
Om Namo Narayanaya
Swami Saranam

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