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What if the demands of farmers’ met

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The ongoing politically motivatived farmer’s protest around the borders of national capital Delhi has passed around 4 months without reaching any solid solution. How these farmers are thinking of a solution without even talking? This is the biggest question arising. Meetings between farmers union and Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Tomar has taken place for about half a dozen times but without any serious outcome. People loosing there loved one’s, several hundreds loosing there job all because of this outcry.

On 25 Dec on the special occasion of Good Governance Day also the birth anniversary of former PM Late Shri Vajpayee ji, PM Modi gives around 18 Thousand Cr to the accounts of 9 thousands farmers, he also made a speech tried his level best o clear out the clouds of doubts created by some leftist, political parties for their private gain.

But the most essentail question originating in the minds of common man is that, why is the Govt not agreeing on the demands of farmers which is leading to this big chaos? So let us dig some ground to know the depth of this:

  • Country will undergo harsh time of unstability

If the govt take back these 3 farm laws there will be series of similar pattern protest regarding taking back of many law passed by govt in past. Like CAA and NRC. Protest will be every part of the county because 1 in 1000 must be upset by the working of govt and they will start protest. Specifically talking, Kashmir will be the most affected after that as Gupkar will start their demonstartion against rolling back of Ar 370. There will be a regular series of riots happening in some part of the country. Noone can forget the recent riots of Delhi {below image is from Delhi riots}

  • Benchmark for the future

The biggest thing that any Govt have is the faith and trust civilians have in it, after rolling back these 3 farm laws there will surely be a scratch on it. If the govt agrees on the demands of farmers now then this Modi govt in the near future will not be in a position to pass and big and crucial law. Govt will loose it’s credibility, everyone will think that they can make the govt whatever they want by protesting whether their demand is right or not, whether their demand in the country’s favour or it’s merely adoing favour to a handful of people’s.

  • Insult in the International fourms/Media platforms

International Media which finds every single and minute thing to use against India. This can be seen as the reposting done by Al Jazeera, they will always try to show hoe sad,depressed,ripped people are currently in India , this is all because western world want to control the world singlehandly and as India is quickly evolving as a potentiol competitor they will try there level best to degrade and destroy us.

  • Strength to Ultra Left-Urban Naxal – Khalistani nexux

Demanding for the release of riots criminals in farmer’s protest is just out of book demand, giving open threats to PM Modi, saying every possible abusive thing to PM Modi, Hindus and to anyone in their way. These all are not the works of farmers. Some unwanted elements are using this issue and farmer’s anguish to draw their personal benefit. They are not doing all this shit in India but also in other countries they are Urban Naxals, Ultra Left, Kalistani’s and more.

So what’ the solution?

Only accepted and peaceful solution to any protest is by talking, debating over the respected issue. But this cannot be achieved till the farmer’s don’t remove the imposter within them, the unwanted elements. These elements will never allow the farmer’s and govt to make apeaceful pact. On other side there are also large number of farmer’s affected by these laws so govt should try more to tell them the reality the real side of the law.

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