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Nanavati comission report on Godhra riots shows that “Satyameva Jayate”

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh

One man was repeatedly targeted for nearly 18 years just by telling lies. So many lies were told in many ways by many people, but with one goal of defaming a man, a party, an organization and a faith. What happened in Gujarat in 2002 was not warranted and was very painful. No one in civilized society would ever support such incidents. After the riots, politically motivated propaganda was developed to demonize a person. Some Political parties, Media, social activists and NGOs have created a narrative suitable to them and showing Narendra Modi and BJP in a very bad light and being responsible for Gujarat riots of 2002. VHP and RSS were also attacked by them and deliberately lies and stories were planted to malign them. The Nanavati and Mehta report prepared extensively brings out the truths and says that Narendra Modi led State government has no role in instigating the riots of Gujarat in 2002 and gives a clean chit.

The two-member panel of Retired Justice Nanavati and Retired Justice Mehta submitted report in two parts. The first part was submitted in 2008 and dealt with the burning of Sabarmati Express. It said that Sabarmati train fire in Godhra was a preplanned conspiracy and has been orchestrated intentionally resulting in ghastly burning and killings of 56 Karsevaks. The second part dealt with the aftermath of Godhra fire incident and subsequent Gujarat riots. The second part was made available to public on December 11th 2019.So many lies which were said and propagated by some people and media were debunked.

Second part submitted in 2014 was tabled in assembly in December and is oit to public now. Second part said anger in large sections of Hindu community after Godhra incident led to violent attacks against muslims and their properties.There was no evidence to show that any minister or government official or religious or political outfit as such incited or provoked riots.The commission rubbished allegations that Narendra Modi instigated or provoked communal violence .It went on to say that with aim of maligning image of Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, false allegations were made against Modi.

Many allegations were wrong.The allegations of then chief minister Narendra justifying riots were absolutely wrong.False allegations were made that Modi said “A preplanned terror attack by one community against other”.In reality Modi said “Preplanned inhumane collective act of terrorism”.The comission quoted government press notice in which CM said “The dastardly attack was not ort of communal violence,but a preplanned cold blooded henious act”.Things like parading charred bodies of karsevaks in Ahmedabad did not happen at all.Narendra modi did not receive any call from ex MP Ishan Jafri when Gulbarga society was attacked by a mob.The comission said that the witness  of Gulbarga society  riots gave conflicting statements.In her first affidavit she stated Jafri called lot of people for help.Subsequently in 2008 she changed her statement and said Jafri called Modi and Modi refused to help.Another lie was by ex CM Amarsinh chowdary who said that ,he met Modi at 2 PM afternoon on february 28,2002 and appraised CM about dangers to lives of Jafri and ithers in Gulbarga society.To this Modi submitted the written response by government to the panel which did not show Amarsinh Chowdary specifically mentioning a person or a place when he met Modi.

The comission reported that the allegation made by former IPS officer R.B.sreekumar that CM has orally given ilegal  instructions to state machinery was false.In the intial affidavits Srikumar did not make any such statement.After departmental action was initiated against him,he made the allegation later.The comission said that “From the multiple affidavits,it was clear Srikumar was a disgruntled officer.The report found no proof to suggest negligence or reluctance of government or state machinery in taking necessary steps to curtail and prevent communal riots.The district authorities and police force acted sincerely.Home department and police gave instructions to distict heads and commissioners to mobilize police force for bundobast and cancelled all leaves of police.But,the police were under numbered and inadequately armed.Army which was was away was airlifted.Army arrived by night of February 28 2002 and provided with logistcs in 3 hours and was into action.Report also said in some districts BJP leaders helped in maintaining peace and helped local people and authorities.IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt gave false statement of  attending meeting with Narendra Modi on Febraury 27,2002 in which CM instructed police to not take strict action and allow majority .Sanjiv bhatt produced a fax copy sent by P.P.Upodhyaya about Panchmahal incident to support his allegation.Commission said that ,Sanjiv bhatt produced false evidences, created a story about attending meeting with Modi. Sanjiv bhatt was already involved in cases like drug planting case in 1996 and 1990 Jamnagar custodial death case for which he was awrded life sentence.There was one more IPS officer Rahul Sharma who gave a CD showing call data between politicians, government officials and rioters.Rahul Sharma did not submit the original CD from private telecom companies. Sharma said he transferred data to his personal computer and then made CDs which were submitted to SIT.The location of original CDs unkown.Social activist Teesta Setalvad tried desperately to create false case by manipulating witnesses like Zareena Sheikh, who changed testimonies repeatedly and petition was found guilty of perjury

The above facts which came after extensive investigation clearly suggest there was extensive deliberate propaganda to tarnish image of Modi. Poltical motivation was clear in influencing media,some government officials and witnesses to manipulate evidences and statements. No one wants such communal incidents to happen.Country has to stand united in such incidents.Instead,a section tried to take advantage of situation and created false allegations to demonise CM. How can the unnecessary emotional trauma suffered by Chief minister,Sate ministers and government officials be reversed now? How can those ,who created and spread such false allegations ,answer their self conscience? Will they be apologetic ever?

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh
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