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Islamism and rise of Modi in India

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In Indian sub-continent, it has been “Heads I win (Islamic Republic of Pakistan), tails you lose (Islam being the state religion of Bangladesh) and the coin belongs to me (India should be secular)” for Muslims since 1947/1971. Why? Has any Muslim of the subcontinent ever said that India has moral ground to be a Hindu Rashtra? No! Why?

Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister. Before him, all PMs carried the British legacy. Before blaming Modi for Hindu communalism, one need to look at the history of communal clashes in this subcontinent at least during last 100 years and I am sure that one will be shocked. There is also a book written by Suranjan Das entitled ‘Communal Riots in Bengal 1905 – 1947’. One may read that also. Modi was not even born then.

The Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal, across the world, hates Modi for Gujarat riot of 2002. But nobody talks of ‘Godhra carnage’ which was the immediate cause of Gujarat riot. In Godhra (a Muslim majority town of Gujarat), 59 Hindu Kar Sevaks were burnt alive and many dozens were badly injured by violent Muslim mob. The Gujarat 2002 riot started two days after that.

The group of Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal tries to downplay ‘Godhra carnage’ and tells that it was some sort of ‘accident’ or due to ‘mysterious reason’. The later cause has been propagated by Arundhati Roy. With same analogy, why Gujarat riot of 2002 was also not an accident or due to some mysterious reason? The book “Gujarat Files” written by Rana Ayyub, an Indian Islamist turned journalist, was labeled as ‘based on conjectures, surmises and suppositions’ by Indian Supreme Court.

The Modi one hates is an image created by Western media and Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal for their vested interest. British media created Gandhi in 20th century to serve their imperial interest in similar way. In Indian school curricula, the books on Indian history are loaded with 325 years of Mughal rule. Mughals did never get Indianized, rather they Islamized India. Why our 5000 years old history and non-Muslim Indian dynasties have been neglected by secular Left-Liberal-Islam leaning Indian historians under Congress?

V S Naipaul had once told that the history of India was yet to be written. We have been consciously deprived from our civilizational pride by Nehruvian historians with the misplaced idea of Secularism. Hinduism is inclusive, plural, and tolerant. It does not require the Western intellectuals or any cabal, with vested interest, to teach Hindus secularism.

The main problem is that most of the so called intellectuals don’t accept the reality and try to behave like ostrich. And since they can’t accept the communal fault line, they cannot address it and thus, try to live in a make belief world.  

The argument of majority peaceful moderate Muslims is very weak. The link below explains as to how peaceful majority Muslims can be irrelevant. One may visit the link to understand this fact:

‘Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer’ (One People One Nation One Leader’) and ‘La Illaha Illallah, Muhammadur Rosul Allah’ carry similar connotation. You know what I mean!

Pakistani blogger Ahmed Mustafa Kanjoo said:

‘Criticize Judaism: No Response.

Criticize Hinduism: No Response.

Criticize Christianity: No Response.

Criticize Buddhism: No Response.

Criticize any other religion: No Response.

Criticize Islam: You are a Far-right, Racist, Extremist, Bigot, Nazi, Xenophobe, Islamophobe’!

Tufail Ahmed, a former BBC journalist, had said that Indian secularism is Half-Islamist, Half-Pakistani. All Indians, except Muslims, are guided by Indian laws. But Indian Muslims have their separate Sharia based Personal Laws. For them Sharia is above the Indian Constitution. Why?

Modi is simply trying to drag India out of that stupid, self defeating and double faced Indian Secularism and restore the Hindu civilizational glory. Modi is rocking the boat of ‘Muslim leaning secular Indian narrative’. It is only in Hindu India that an Afghan descendant Islamist named Chand Muhammad could become Sai Baba. Modi is trying to correct such fraudulent narratives of India, Gandhi, Nehru to Sai Baba. Modi is trying to re-establish that India was not born in 1947. It has been for more than 5000 years.

The bottom line is in Modi’s Gujarat, Muslims are 7% and in government service they are 7% too. But in West Bengal Muslims are 33%, but in government service they are 2% only.

How can one explain the decrease of Hindu population in East Pakistan / Bangladesh from 24% in 1951 to 10% now against the increase of Muslim population in West Bengal from 19.5% in 1951 to 30% now? Mind it, 90% of West Bengal’s Muslims are Bengali speaking. Modi is trying to address this issue through CAA-NRC.

Pseudo-secularists Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal in Indian subcontinent still cry on Babri mosque demolition in India even after 30 years. But nobody cares to mention the killing of Hindus and destruction of their temples in Bangladesh and Pakistan as revenge of Babri. Modi is trying to complete the narrative.

Islam is exclusive. Exclusion is at the soul of Islam. Muslims are not happy even in Islamic/Muslim majority countries and impose ‘exclusion’ even among Muslims there. Dr Abul Barkat of Dhaka University had the guts to come out openly during 2016 about the continuous persecution of Hindus in East Pakistan/Bangladesh. Hindus are called ‘Malaun’ by Islamists of Bangladesh. Sooner or later this one sided game in Indian sub-continent has to end. Modi has bell the cat only.

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