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Life after marriage- For HIM?

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Biological brains rooting to microbiology topics Voicing for righteousness makes my life worth living with head held high and mind devoid of junk obsolete files.

There appears to be an agenda to malign image of India and destabilize the democratically elected government. They will take up one non-issue at a time and systematically organize fake protests. They are the ones who actually shoulder the responsibility of bridging multiple relationships. We have always blamed the woman for being not so perfect in maintaining new relationships. She has been cursed and harassed. But what about “him? He is suffering also. Isn’t he weeping silently? But he knows he has a challenging role of taking the lead to manage everything without shedding tears. He has to act strong. Though he is also into a new experience of balancing people whom he loves. He can be poor in communication but is clear in his thoughts.

All he wants is smiling faces when he is back home. Everytime there’s a problem he is only one who is expected to keep calm and make it all good. In a typical scenario of saas-bahu quarrels,no one knows how deserted he his. No one wonders what’s the right way to handle it. But still he tries. If he fails to balance both the women, he looses both of them. So it’s never a win win situation for him in a marriage. He feels equally tortured and harassed.

Moreover he even doesn’t have that easy way to move to his parent’s place unlike his wife. It’s time to introspect and retrospect. Women are always the frontline sufferers when we talk about domestic violence. But the men too are no different. When a marriage crumbles, eventually all associated do tolerate their share of pain. The point is that relationships are just the social names of people connected by love.When love falls apart people suffer, but when marriage falls apart “he” and “she” equally pay for the break-up.

I opine for the role of the families who get affected badly but indirectly. Two new people decide to share their lives in a Indian arrange marriage system. When they fail to match upto expectations,parents have to play a stronger role in joining the broken fragments rather than playing a catalyst to the already existing stress. For guardians, its definitely a weak and sensitive place to be and keep calm. When children are in pain, no parent can keep cool. But just a way out of conventional psychology of being parents to both “him”and “her” would definitely add positivity to the tension and stress. Eventually, no relationship which was once attached with lot of sentiments should suffer due to mere immature decisions much driven by blindfolded thoughts.

One small preconceived orthodox thought towards the new joinee in the family can complicate the affair. The final call is always in the couple’s hand. But it will be much easy for them to shape their lives for a better future if parent’s concern doesn’t become interference. The fine line of letting the daughter be bit more into a new family and letting the son in law have his freedom to his wife has to be decided smartly. Similarly an affectionate family scenario to ease up a new girl’s stay in a new house with unknown souls can make remarkable differences in making the bond last long.

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Biological brains rooting to microbiology topics Voicing for righteousness makes my life worth living with head held high and mind devoid of junk obsolete files.
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