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Did we Kill Shivaji Maharaj?

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Bharat Mata had always held her head up high. Every time the world had destroyed itself through its shenanigans and misdeeds she stood there with remedy and solutions. She helped anyone to everyone, even the gnawing vermin seeking to enslave her in shackles. The Vermin after being beaten time and time again by sons of the soil, dared to come back every time. Such was the audacity of the vermin that instead of being grateful for the gifts our motherland showered on its people, it marched straight through her heartland only to see her in shackles. After eons of being the shining beacon of hope for this land, Bharat Mata was finally defeated and kept in shackles. It wont be wrong to say, that post her defeat, the world indeed did plunge into dark ages.

When after centuries of being tied to a leash, after witnessing thousands if not lakhs of her sons being martyred and slaughtered at the hands of these vermin, after years of shame and bondage and just when the ungrateful vermin had almost won, god smiled at her divine creation, and so on the thunderous mornings, Jijabai gave birth to her little Shivba. Little did she know that her “Shivba” would go on to become the purest force of good, and a key for the shackles captivating his motherland. From there on after countless victories against empires twice or thrice in sizes and multiple folds in armies, after crushing defeats that would have shattered the dream of a Hindu Swarajya forever, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj rose like a phoenix, and ensured that the days of his enemies were limited. He laid the foundation for a free motherland after years of bondage.

Today after 400 years of that historic Event, India stands chopped into several pieces. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj whose legacy ensured the survival of Hindu Population in India was only remembered in Maharashtra, His throne and his sword stolen by the White British, His nation and his land enslaved once again by the Brown British. Just like in detergent advertisements, a desperate attempt is being made so as to clean a dirty fabric but to no success, only for the product to swoop in and clean the fabric whiter than white, in our reality, British Desperately tried to wipe off his name off the face of the nation, but ended up inspiring even more people, but where British failed our Neo-Communist Liberal Brethren took hold and just like in the detergent advertisement wiped off the History of the nation whiter than white, off his name.

Whatever remained was hijacked by the second sub species of the same Species of Communists, the Marxists Liberals, who used his secularism as a tool to keep Hindus at bay, and his guerilla warfare tactics to demean him as a “Mountain Rat” to keep their Momin Vote base intact, the foremost of them being First Prime Minister of Divided India, Jawaharlal Nehru. It is however said that a man is nothing after he dies, his legacy is not the structures he built but the experiences he leaves for the future generations. Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj, embraced Mahadev after he died, but his legacy is not the forts he built, or the structures he erected, rather it is the convictions and ideas he stood for.

Thousands of Hindus are converted, killed, maimed, forced into slavery, prostitution, forcefully married and whatnot in Pakistan, Malaysia, Afghanistan and forget about other nations, the scars of Kashmiri Pandit Genocide are still green. While Hindus all across the globe are being exterminated, our government hides in its Burkha of Secularism and covers its face, murdering Raje’s dream of Hindavi Swaraj. It is often forgotten that despite the fact that Raje was Secular and against killing anyone in the name of religion, but for him nation came above all. When Portuguese in Goa, passed Anti Hindu legislations Raje gave them a befitting Reply thus forcing them to repeal those laws. During his campaign in the south, he came across a mosque being freshly built upon a demolished temple in modern day Karnataka, he destroyed the Mosque and moved ahead only when the temple was built again.

The middle eastern concepts of enslaving women as property post war, marriage to convert a women, capturing women and then forcefully marrying them, were all what were prohibited in Maratha Army, and anyone who was found to do such heinous acts, along with any crime outraging the modesty of a women, was blown to a canon and blown to pieces. Today in the modern, “Liberal Age”, when crimes against women are on the rise across the globe, there are weak legislations and even weaker implementation. In India the situation of women is pitiful. In the name of Women safety thousands of Crores are robbed by Public Officials, while next to nothing is spent. The state of implementation is even more painful. When the horrific Nirbhaya Gang Rape was committed, Congress Govt. in a cheap attempt to woo the voters, despite its horrific failure to protect the victim, passed legislation making laws completely detrimental to gender equality, despite recommendations of law commission of India.

Whenever attacked Marathas soldiers destroyed every attempt at invasion, and it was rightly said “Ek Maratha Lakh Maratha”. Pakistan is lucky that all they hear are promises from leaders because if Sahayadris hailed Mahadev, even death shall abandon them.

Today the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja means different things to different people. Some use his name to break the Marathi votebank, by turning his own people against themselves, in the name of politics, some call him a coward and mountain rat, despite being the same people who carved up a whole nation by boot licking British, and Cowardly cowering behind innocents, for some neo Liberals he is communal and symbol of “Hindu Terror” while they themselves support Mao Zedong, who Killed 45 million people in 4 years.

But for the rest he is simply Raje not a king anymore but a god himself. Truth is fluid like water, it flows through anything, the legacy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has flown from the cracks that his torrent created. It was often said that once a Maratha died, he blood spewed a thousand Shivajis, today despite our government hiding him deep in the burrows of history, Raje has remained prominent and relevant even for ages to come. His legacy cannot be expressed in words as it was his legacy that inspired the likes Peshwa Bajirao-I, Rani Laxmibai, Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr BR Ambedkar, Jyotibai Phule, Ahilyabai Holkar, Veer Savarkar and many more. Today India which was aimless for decades has found a path. The road upon which our success shall be achieved, was first laid down by Raje, all we have to do it take it.

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