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How CM Modi stopped 1400 yrs of Jihad in Gujarat

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Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.

Riots leave an impression of enmity and distrust among people. Though each section of the society helps propagate acts of humanity, people still can’t forget the short term but cold-blooded rioting. After incessant media reportage, society repeats going back to realizing how important the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb is!

For more than 70 years now the people of our nation are in a constant denial that a minority of 23% of the total population was able to break their motherland into three parts in 1947. While admiring the non-violence of the Mahatma we often forget to portray his inability to stop the partition. The tolerant majority wants to find out a glimpse of “everything will work out eventually” in hopes of an assimilation that appears beyond reach. A section of the society still chooses to live with exclusivity in the name of religion much above their national identity. Not surprisingly the same section of people is also unable to assimilate even in the western world.

So what exactly happens after the riots, in the lives of victims?

The victims live in perpetual fear of being attacked anytime by the mobs. The historic mass mob lynching pogrom of Kashmiri pandits in 1990 is a glaring example. It was the final round of ethnical cleansing that Kashmir saw after waves of jihad knocked off all non-muslims except pandits in the previous rounds. The law of the land and the democratic state slept tight, while the intellectuals sent the constitution for months-long holiday to Europe.

The victims have no option but to flee amid ill-equipped police forces and ineffective law enforcement agencies in the country. They finally panic-sell their properties to a part of the same culprit mobs, who snatch these properties at negligible prices. In case of Kashmir mass cleansing, most Pandits did not even get a penny. Their properties were simply taken over by force by the mobs. This strength of rioting comes from endless breeding. It is a proven war strategy of fast human replacement in times of war. The question here is do we have such a section of people staying with us here in India, acting normal and nice all the time, but practicing war principles? If so, do we have such real places in India, being abandoned due to demographic takeovers? Is it alarming? Will try to address these questions in my forthcoming articles.

The people of riot-hit areas in Delhi are obliged to sell and run away from the area as the situation doesn’t get any better. People always keep running from one area to another after facing criminal religious persecution in the very country they belong to. There is no national portal to ring the alarm for immediate action in such cases. This takeover of properties for free matches with what the Arab barbarians did by looting the trade caravans. The case in point is Pakistan, which sends mobs across the border in the name of BAT and terrorists to lynch our soldiers and innocent citizens. Aren’t they too asking for the wealth that we created and cherish in Kashmir? The failed state running in the name of a religion is inept to do any real business and create wealth for itself. The mere imagination of GCC COUNTRIES without Crude Oil can prove this. The harrowing tales of European sufferings, many of which now go unreported, is a wakeup call and a result of encouraging inflow of illegal migrant mobs. The support for far-right grew in reaction to the vote-bank import of non-citizens from outside by some liberal politicians. With rapid increase in crime rates, citizens now question if secularism and multiculturalism are even values worth having.

Is there a solution?

Hindus and Muslims were killed in large numbers in riots that followed after the mass mob lynching in the Godhra train bogies in 2002. What is it that made Gujarat safe since 2002? One of the major factors is the decisive use of “𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐝 𝐀𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐬 𝐀𝐜𝐭 1991”. The Gujarat government has been using this law extensively to secure the riot-hit zones by not allowing the properties to be stress-sold to the minorities out of fear. This law has killed the very purpose and end-prize rioters look for by rioting, which is snatching the ready wealth for free by using mobs. As a proven anti-dote, Gujarat has not seen riots of the scale of 2002 till date. Lately, the government also added penal provisions and expanded the scope and applicability of the Act in 2019.

To bring about a similar result across India we need positive and spirited emulation of a successful anti-riot act like the one operational in Gujarat. But how many state governments have the edge to cook & swallow this kind of a law to secure its citizens and end riots permanently?

Listen how Modi-Shah duo wants to uproot the concept of Jihad from the very place of its origin with this video.

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Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.
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