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Pandemic & pay cut

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When the words pay cut are uttered everyone is in defensive mode or upset which is understandable as it’s hard earned money. However, situation today is beyond one individual. It’s the greater good of the greatest number. There should not be under utilization of care funds collected and instead again cut salaries of Government employees and doctors is a looming thought. I submit this that for the preparation phase in the face of the pandemic a lot has been spent. With decreased sources of revenue to the Government, considering even deferring the tax payments and the fledgling burden on the healthcare system the salary cut is inevitable.

Let’s consider the private sector from a doctor’s perspective; corporate hospitals are in loss mandated by heavy rents, electricity bills, maintenance and above all the lack of the patients. Hence, the management can’t afford to pay salary and further down the lane it will only get worse. Not just in medical profession pay cut should be done in all cadres and professions in the face of this pandemic; provided that food and healthcare for all is taken care of in reality by the Government. Might be a few things have opened since the lock down was uplifted but I don’t think economy has improved that much. Now with the free treatment for BPL card holders and contemplated rebates for even APL card holders even in private hospitals following annexing as COVID-19 care centers and the only disease being encountered is COVID-19 it’ll be tough a time for any management to generate revenue & pay for their employees.

Industrial revolution will take a backseat; others like tourism, entertainment and textile industries all already completely shut down and will take years to recover. This will only set the premise for anarchism and difficult situations will ensue amongst people with dire consequences. Rural economy which is independent of western influence might develop and prosper but still chances are it will be crippled due to lack of laborers compelling people to do farming on their own for sustenance and not at a global level.

It is imperative that we all come together as human beings and support various Governments with non-partisan stance and allow a mandatory salary cut regardless of public and private sectors wherever feasible which can be given to the Government to make necessary arrangements to address the current situation effectively; at the same time making healthcare free for all; with a reasonable sustenance pay to even private sectors which are completely shut. Now is not the time for blaming. Whole world is at loss, so collectively if we try together we can mitigate the disaster.

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