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Are the phrases “Brahmin left and Brahmin bailout”, a rhetoric of anti-semitism on Brahmin community?

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Kiran is a blogger and columnist. He has a passion in history and law ..

Progressives in United States often use the term Brahminism and Brahmin Left which they intend to convey the high intellectuals of the society. The term Brahmin Left is a new phrase being used by Progressive left to showcase Brahmin community of India. It is not new that Brahmins community is often dragged in western media to malign them in a derogatory way. However, far left progressives and progressive media fail to acknowledge few facts as mostly the media and progressive intellectuals are blind enough to acknowledge certain facts. Centrists often measure this kind of reporting as selective reporting or selective journalism which the main stream progressive media selectively take the points needed and ignore the rest of the reporting for any cooked articles to malign a character of a person or a community wholly.  

Thomas Piketty, a French Economist and a professor at London School of Economics coined the name Brahmin Left in his journals to showcase that Brahmins in India belongs to intellectual community. However, his knowledge on Brahmins in India fell short in both situation and as well selective ignorance to weigh the socio-economic factors of Brahmin community since ages. His journal narrates the shift of intellectuals from right to left in US, UK and France and compared intellectuals as Brahmin Left. One thing which his journal does not fits the narrative is that Brahmins in India from 1948 until 2017 saw a drastic down turn in social status. Brahmin community largely comprise of priests and a tiny fraction of priests evolved to study western studies during British India. Majority of priests belong to Brahmin community are currently living in poverty and not able to lead the livelihood. Interestingly, Mr. Piketty selectively ignored the fact that, things have evolved and every community and caste in India have every possibility to become educated intellectuals and Indian constitution guarantee that. By narrating and naming the Brahmin Left, his views on a specific community has been pin pointed out just like how Nazis tried to hunt down Jews during World war II.  

The twisting of words on Brahmin Community is not limited to just Mr. Piketty but the phrase Brahmin Left has been used by a contract Journalist Zaid Jilani of Virginia in his latest article published in Wall Street Journal (WSJ). He borrowed the term Brahmin Left and used it as Brahmin Bailout which many readers and netizens are terming it as obscene and provocative. His latest article “Cancelling Student Debt would be a Brahmin Bailout” talks about bailing out Student Debts is like Brahmin Bailout. He intends to showcase that the students who graduated are equated as intellectuals and simply implied the phrase “Brahmin Left” to Brahmin Bailout. While the entire article is about the prospective Biden’s administration priorities on student debts bail out, his reference of Brahmin bailout is un-timed and needless. His futile reference of the term Brahmin Bailout is simply a rhetoric of anti-Semitic and witch-hunting of a specific community. This reminds how Jews had to hide out for their safety during Nazi Era. The absurd phrase used as “Brahmin Bailout” is clearly undermining and shaming a specific community.  

As the western media with selective journalism negate the eastern religions and cultures in the name of Progressive ideology, a new extreme step to undermine the Hindu religion targeting a specific community selectively is currently a trending aspect. Much of the western public do not have an idea of the Brahmin community in India. As per census 2011 and the data available in 2014, the Brahmin community is merely 5% of 1.2 Billion population. Their livelihood is mostly priestly hood at temples and salary paid is merely $100 per month depending on location. It is true to the fact that the Hindu Priests in United States draw a maximum of $1200 per month by temple managements across United States. This makes them to claim under low-income group officially. Less than 1% of the Brahmin community could afford to eat two-time meal a day and able to graduate western education while the remaining Brahmin community is officially in below poverty line. Although, the progressive left claim that Brahmins imposed the ideology since thousands of years then one has to wonder how and why Hindu religion has become one of the most progressive religion that always evolve from time to time while the other religions like Islam and Christianity are still archaic and follow the book. Brahmanism is a colonial word that drew the attention during British India which it doesn’t have any significance in the modern era. As Supreme Court of India rightly given a judgement that conveys a message that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. People in India follow a tradition that was given to them by their ancestors and safeguarded the culture despite Persian aggression for 800 years and British occupancy for two centuries. 

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Kiran is a blogger and columnist. He has a passion in history and law ..
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