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Home Satire To avoid poaching, Joe Biden takes his electors by bus to Hilton hotel

To avoid poaching, Joe Biden takes his electors by bus to Hilton hotel

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Washington DC: A parade of buses was seen waiting outside the Hilton hotel in the capital, as the final counting for the 2020 US Presidential election is in progress.

Amidst the traffic created by media vans and a huge crowd of reporters, our reporter got hold of a Democratic Party official, who said on conditions of anonymity, “There have been serious allegations of Donald Trump trying to poach some of our electors. Some of our electors seems to have received a lot of calls from the Trump office since today morning. They were scared and didn’t attend those calls. “

“Biden sensed that the things are going wrong and Trump might pay these electors handsomely. So, he decided to pack off all his possible electors to this hotel. We have formed our own militia and have secured the perimeter of this hotel. No White man, except Biden, can enter or leave this hotel. The Trump team can trade horses, but we are donkeys. We cannot be traded.”, said a gun-toting militia man. “We are ready to scare away the Red caps!”, said the militia man.

Social media accounts of the electors show them playing basketball and baseball in the rooftop ground. Few of them were playing Poker while few were enjoying Beers near the pool.

Meanwhile, people working in the Trump camp have revealed that they are already in touch with 60 electors and they are confident that they will vote for Trump during the December voting, making Donald Trump the president again.

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