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The second childhood

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And that moments that I have even anticipating for days and months has come. I took a breathe and pushed down my baby with all my strength. Before my breathe finished my baby came out sliding out of me. There comes our bundle of joy who is warm, wet, soft and smelled sweet. He screamed joyfully and I thanked him repeatedly for giving me the wonderful experience.

Firstly I would like to draw your attention to the biggest challenge I faced raising a child, how do I make him ready for the future, there were many questions creeping in my mind, how do I nurture trust, empathy and emotional intelligence as these instincts has to be learned at early ages. I feel developing social skills and interacting with world around you will be critical aspect of your happiness and well-being. 

I would like to make each one of you understand the social issue that India is facing today as larger population fall in the age bracket of 60-70.

Statistics show that old age homes in India are increasing rapidly. According to 2020 study, over 39 thousand senior citizens in India received institutional assistance.

I want to share my first visit to an old age home with my son. A moment that I can never forget was when my 7 year old son asked the question “Should I be here when I grow older mom”. I became speechless for a moment. I was admired by a strong grandmother who was in her 70’s who explained to my son that it was her choice to be part of the old age home as her children were abroad and she would like to be independent. Science and even the best writer have failed to explain the affection, bonding between  a child and mother which can be better explained by a person who have experienced the same.

This incident have reminded me of the saying “Life is an echo, what you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap and what you give, you get. Our parents are our identity, moreover the greatest pieces of our lives. If we lose our identity then no sooner we shall be forgotten and lost.

Then comes the next question why are the growing trends in this social issue. The first basic factor is the mindset where there is a difference in value and need of a support system where the concerns of parents  and children are understood and settled amicably.

Nowadays, awareness campaigns on this issue are being conducted but it seem everyone has forgotten this valuable section that older generation had laid the foundation in which we are building our dreams. 

Many of us avail day care and hostel facilities for our children then why don’t they avail the same when we get older as we are entering our second childhood. The emotional quotient  has to be transformed among children when they grow who can handle life independently. 

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