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Biden, a worry for India?

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Today Mr. Dhume, whom we all know now wrote an article in Washington post. He took the exact position as expected and it is better to counter it with few facts and arguments. He and many people, in and out of India seem to believe that the change in administration in USA will shock the Indian government. Pro liberal party won the election and Trump lost. Frankly as an Indian it is better for us to have them in white house than Rep. will explain soon.

Coming to article Mr. Dhume claimed that Modi endorsed Trump in election. The fact is those who understand Hindi will not get confused. What Modi said was that the Trump has used his slogan in US. It is meant to show his popularity across world. Like he said, it was a tactic of diplomacy and have nothing to do with influencing election. The claim of “Bromance of Trump and Modi” is a fiction created by these same people. The fact is Modi is not Man Mohan to fold his hand look straight and walk silently. He is an active politician and understands the power of communication by all means. His laugh, his handshakes and hugs equals the power balance between two countries. He believes that India is a powerhouse of world and no less than ‘Western Democracies’.

Mr. Dhume also claimed that Pro BJP news channels interviewed populist politicians of America. So did the BBC in India, RT even interviewed Shehla Rashid, We see the debates on Al Jazeera and know what the get from India. Rana Ayyub and Sherwani Ma’am writes articles for NYT and WP. It is better to not talk about it as CNN even interviewed Hafiz Saeed. ‘B.L. Santhosh, a senior figure in the BJP, responded to a Bernie Sanders tweet about anti-Muslim mob violence in India by threatening that “you compel us to play a role in Presidential elections.” Though he deleted his tweet’, but there was nothing wrong. If America has a finger to insert in anyone’s matter, so has India. We are not a small country in Africa to push down. We in ourselves are a powerhouse of world. A pole with a lot of gravity to make a change. Look at the way dem have used people of Indian origin to attract votes. Though the claimant change their identity to African, American, south Asian or Indian as required. If US tries to woo India, we are not going to hang our head in shame now.

Mr. Dhume further claimed, ‘The Indian media has gone after the Democrat for his campaign website’s negative comments on a recent Indian law.’ Now the point is if Indian media won’t defend India then who will? The alleged Law, CAA, he is talking about is giving citizenship to minorities on three countries. Mr. Dhume should know they are not Muslim Majority countries, they are ISLAMIC REPUBLICs. It was a historical promise which took seventy years to complete. If you don’t know history then better to stay away from it.

NRC and NPR are necessary to find out the real citizens. These laws are not interconnected as projected by media. Whether Kamal Harris say something or Pramila Jaypal, It frankly doesn’t matter. Kashmir is integral part of India by virtue of accession. Decisions for the state will be taken same as for others. Neither Biden nor Harris needs to worry about it ever.

India US relation would not change by Twits and neither have they changed by an article in Washington post. Mr. Dhume later claims ‘Indians would be foolish to expect the free pass on human rights and democracy issued by the Trump administration to remain valid.’ First thing is US is not flag bearer of democracies and human rights. We have strong objections on how African Americans are treated there. The constant killings of people in was areas, created by US is a problem to world. The Middle Eastern crisis is a self-made by US. India issues no free pass to US either on such issues. Killing of George floyed is same as killing of Ankit Sharma here and America should feel shame about it as a society. It is better to not talk about democracy when we have seen all the drama recently. It’s been ten days and still nobody knows who is president elect. Videos have come out of ballots in trash cans. Voters of age 200 have also voted this time. US may call it a perfect democracy but the reality is far away.

About Indian media, it’s true it is worse than it was, but it is still better than silent propagandist like BBC and Al Jazeera. Indian media is free like never before. People sit in prime time every night and curse this government as if they are demons. No action is done on then till now. People write about government in NYT and WP every Sunday and no notice is issued to them. Cases are filed on journalists but they are not above law either. Mistakes will be punished according to law and will go from a robust judiciary.

Mr. Dhume has the right to write anything about India and I have the write to counter him too. Democracies are not perfect, we can always find each other’s loopholes. Digest the fact that people of India have voted for Modi with 303 seats. Accept the verdict and even if you don’t, we have no problem because we are a functioning democracy.

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