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A deliberate attempt of Varanasi

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Mark Twain an American writer and adventurer wrote “Banares is older than History, older than tradition, older even than legends and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Varanasi or Banares or Kashi? Magnificent Ghats, mystical temples, wonderful landscape, magical Ganga river, positivity, Yogis everywhere. Food, people, prayers, sites, nature, all of them. For every Indian in the world Banares is a place he would love to die in. A city beyond imagination, a city where India starts and ends. A city of magical moments and experience of life. For thousands of years Varanasi is the heart of Indic civilization. I haven’t visited it but I still feel a deep connection with Kashi.

It is my wish to witness the unimaginable Ganga Aarti someday, to take a dip in the river which gave life to India. Visit the history of this civilization and feel grateful to forefathers for keeping it safe. Visit all the Buddhist site to attain the higher being of myself. For millions of people this is the final destination. You all imagined this but what if I tell you that you are the last generation outside Kashi to think it. What if I tell you that future generation of India will remember Banares but as a city of violence, a city of drugs smuggling, a city of hate culture, a city of regressive people, a city where sadhus live either to smuggle drugs or to have sex. Sex and violence will be the face of Varanasi. The beautiful Ghats will be remembered for murders, sex will be the memories inside temples and historical sites. People will be considered as extreme and regressive. Sadhus remembered for fraud, smuggling, murders and women trafficking.

What the hell am I talking of? You must have encountered that question till now. In last decade, the city of Varanasi again got the strength to move high. The city started building beautiful infrastructure and development along with the cultural roots. It attracted a lot of tourism and along with that the worst thing in India, our film industry. I was a fan of this industry till few years ago but since I started using my brain, I saw the real agenda behind. Now I don’t watch movies, neither is multiplex nor on OTT.

 In just this year of lockdown, I got to know about few movies and series from a friend which have Banares in background. I would have imagined the sheer beauty it could have captured but Read the following names;

  • Asur
  • Bicchoo ka khel
  • Mirzapur
  • Madhuri Talkies
  • Raktanchal
  • A suitable boy
  • Virgin Bhasskar

This isn’t a complete list but What do you think now? Names give you a hint of what is inside. I do not want to comment on Acting and direction and music. I’m concerned with the story. Violence at its best, Murders, fights, wars. Sex like you may not even saw in Hollywood. Rapes, adultery, incest and what not. Crimes like smuggling, drug, women and child trafficking. Yogis are portrayed as always in bad light and majority as regressive in some of them.

You may not agree with me, saying ‘that’s freedom of speech’ but I consider it a deliberate attempt to malign the city beyond history. I cannot stop them from making it or you from watching that shit. I can only propagate that Banares is far magnificent than that is portrayed by the drug taking underworld. I would request the young to ask your parents and grandparents about the importance of this city. It is not a place, it is an emotion of every Indian.

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