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The rampage of Islamism in India

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I am agonized by some very recent developments in the UPSC Jihad case. The facts and figures which have been mined out, display an enormous plan activated by the Islamists to capture the Power Centres of India. This plan, which is discussed in this article, would give them enormous power to achieve their final goal which they haven’t, till now.

In order to let you understand the depth of the situation I will start by quoting 2 verses from the Sunan-an-Nasa’I which is one of the six prominent Hadhiths in Islamic Literature. Book of Jihad is one of the chapters in this Hadith. Go to the topic “Invading India” to read the translations which I have quoted here.

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) promised us that we would invade India. If I live to see that, I will sacrifice myself and my wealth. If I am killed, I will be one of the best of the martyrs, and if I come back, I will be Abu Hurairah Al-Muharrar.” [1]

Sunan-an-Nasa’I, 1:25:3176

[1] Al-Muharrar: The one freed (from the Fire).

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘There are two groups of my Ummah whom Allah will free from the Fire: The group that invades India, and the group that will be with ‘Isa bin Maryam, peace be upon him.’”

Sunan-an-Nasa’I, 1:25:3177

The above translations leave no doubt in itself. No context or interpretation can amount to the vivid understanding that these lines provide, for the seething contempt, in Prophet, for India and Indians, basically Hindus. Hence we need to figure out why is this so and why are Hindus, till date, suffering from this contempt. Also after studying this we should be completely sure that Ghazwa-e-Hind is actually a reality and only an apologist of Islam (the one who distorts interpretations to defend it ultimately) or a non-sense Hindu will try and white wash this declaration. Let us move further.

[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

Quran 8:12

That is because they opposed Allah and His Messenger. And whoever opposes Allah and His Messenger – indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.

Quran 8:13

The Aayats from 8:50-60 will inform you about how the punishment is offered to those who disbelief and are considered Kafir. Let’s move to the last one that is the 8:60.

“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.”

Quran 8:60

The explanation of the above quote as according to Surat Al-‘Anfāl (The Spoils of War) 8:60 is the following:

Make ready for them, for fighting them, whatever force you can, the Prophet said that this refers to ‘archers’, as reported by Muslim, and of horses tethered (ribāt is a verbal noun, meaning, ‘restraining them [for use] in the way of God’) that thereby you may dismay, terrify, the enemy of God and your enemy.

Talking about the enemy of Allah and Muslims. Who do you think it is? Modi? Shah? Yogi Adityanath? Israel? Myanmar? Let me explain you this.

Researching on this I got hold of a research paper of a student from University of London. I am quoting from this:

While talking about this, one must understand that the Ummah is the “Islamic Nation” Worldwide. As mentioned here Quran identifies the oppressors, mostly by their faith or ideology and not by their nationality or race. So Quran has thus identified the evil people of the other religious ideologies because these people are against Islam and Muslims.

So who are these oppressors of Muslims from other faiths? Are they Hindus? Are they Jews? For more understanding, consider them as Hindus. Do you see killings on the road? Do you see any such crimes that are being done to butcher Muslims by Hindus? Do you see any communal civil war happening outside? Your mornings are awesome and nights are peaceful. Do you feel this anywhere while talking to any Muslim friend of yours? Do they seem oppressed because you are a Hindu? Have you experienced any such case, in personal? No!

Now let’s have a look at this. This will surely open your eyes.

There have been many profiles on social media denigrating Hindu Gods and Goddesses by posting their nude images. How many Hindus did you see lined up and butchered those who posted these images? But, on the other hand, if for even once, anyone, even a Dalit, replies in the same way that denigrates Prophet, a Muslim mob of 5000 gathers in the beautiful IT city of Bengaluru, burn his house and attack him. Resultantly, he has to leave that area. Talking about Delhi riots, the Delhi Police charge sheet confirms that Muslim leaders mainly Sharjeel Imam, Tahir Hussain, and Umar Khalid wanted to take revenge from Hindus. Why? My conclusions are as follows. One, Pakistani Muslims were not given citizenship under CAA. Two, the Rohingyas and other Pakistani and Bangladeshi Immigrant Muslims shall be ‘weeded out’ if NRC is passed. Still, do you believe that Hindus are oppressing Muslims? If you still do, let me explain why you feel this.

The Print in its report, dated 3 March, 2020 says,

Let’s talk about The Atlantic

Can you understand the logic of the report by the Atlantic? Going by its version, I will conclude that “Hindus unleashed a huge force on Muslims when the international media was on the move. Hindus hereby wanted to gain disrepute from the world and must have felt very happy when India, their only left homeland, was defamed worldwide.” (Here I am talking about orthodox Hindus and not those who have fallen victim to Christianity, Islam and Communism). Can you relate the article to reality? Do you find it worth?

But when you replace Hindus with Muslims and vice versa [which the Delhi Police charge sheet has supplied], you will surely see through the game.

You can easily read these kinds of articles by just typing on Google, these keywords, ‘delhi’, ‘anti-Muslim’, ‘pogrom’ and you will be exposed to the media portals who project to the world that in India, Muslims are being oppressed continuously by the hands of the Hindus and most appropriately, the upper caste.

What will they gain from it must be your question. Well, if this still surprise you, I feel pity for you. I had already mentioned above that Muslims fight those who are enemies of Islam. Who do you think is the enemy of Islam, now after you reading those articles mentioned above? These article find their place in Washington Post and other newspapers whose audience is either the West or the Muslim Orthodoxy in Middle East. The petro-dollars which are then ‘donated’ to the cause of Muslims find their way to India and the deep state uses it to cause tensions and clashes. Meanwhile the people who read these stories in the West, feel disdain towards India and are likely to stop their money which was to be invested here. Thereby weakening the State and empowering the deep state simultaneously.

Now let us come to our actual topic. See the presentation of the Zakat Foundation. I quote from the report by OpIndia.

Also, OpIndia reports,

“The South Block of the Secretariat houses the Prime Minister’s Office, External Affairs Ministry and the Defence Ministry while the North Block houses the Finance and Home Ministries and the Personnel. Zakat Foundation tells Muslims, “For the next 35 years this office can belong to our boys & girls”.”

Here, let me ask you one question. Do you anywhere find “Ghawa-e-Hind” here? No? Do you think that Ghazwa-e-Hind can only be achieved by sword? See, that is the little bit of enlightenment here. The method used here to achieve the Invasion of India or “Ghazwa-e-Hind” is the same concept of ‘Saama’ that forms a part of “Saama, Daama, Danda, and Bheda”.

How do I know this? Well the answer is very simple. See here a video by Syed Zafar Mehmood (President, Zakat Foundation of India). In this, he talks about their future agenda. He conveys here that Muslims have to invoke here the treaty of Hudaibiyah. He asks them to be polite to everybody, help everyone and take care of everyone. To show compassion to everybody. Here, you may charge me and call me names, until you read about the treaty of Hudaibiyah. Let me now explain you what is this all about. Quoting from

“…In the name of Almighty Allah. These are the conditions of peace between Muhammad, son of Abdullah, and Suhayl Ibn Amr the envoy of Makkah:

  1. There will be an armistice between the two parties and no fighting for the next 10 years.
  2. Any person or tribe who wishes to join Muhammad and to enter into any agreement with him is free to do so. Likewise any person or tribe who wishes to join the Quraish and to enter into any agreement with them is free to do so.
  3. If any Makkan went to Madinah, then Muslims would return him to Makkah, but if any Muslim from Madinah went to Makkah, he would not be returned.
  4. If any young man, or one whose father is alive, goes to Muhammad without permission from his father or guardian, will be returned to his father or guardian. But if anyone goes to the Quraish of Makkah, will not be returned.
  5. This year the Muslims will go back without entering Makkah. But next year Muhammad and his followers can enter Makkah, spend three days and perform the Umrah.

Apparently, it was an agreement that went against the wishes of the Muslims, but later it turned out to be a great victory for Muslims. The Prophet (peace be upon him) showed extreme patience by accepting all these terms as dictated. This treaty is known as the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. It was one of the most outstanding events and proved to be a turning point in the Islamic history.

Few of those present there could visualize the victory of the treaty based on the Prophet’s farsightedness. The first gain of the Treaty was that hostile Makkan leadership recognized Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) as a leader of the Madinah state. Secondly, the Treaty terminated the hostile behavior of Quraish against Muslims. Now they were allowed to move freely and talk openly about Islam. Thirdly, Muslims were equally allowed to make alliances with other tribes. Fourthly, 10 years armistice with Quraish provided a unique opportunity to preach Islam and to deal with their rivals in other parts of the peninsula. Very soon they conquered the Jewish stronghold of Khyber...”

Do you now realize that “Muslims need to be liberal and inviting to the public at large” so that others start to talk in terms of Islamic apologists and later, embrace Islam. This was how the pagan Meccans were converted to Islam. This is how Indians will be converted to Islam. Peacefully and easily.

Now consider these exclusive ideologies taking the power of your country and imagine the circumstances for those who disbelieve in Islam and are quite happy with their traditional identities. Imagine how will upcoming civil service lobby, ingrained in this exclusive ideology, work. Imagine what would happen to NIA, CBI and SITs. Will the law enshrined in the constitution prevail? Who will then run this country? The Indian politicians or the Muslim radicals?

I have yet not talked about the data and findings shown on Sudarshan TV and mined out by Mr. Sanjeev Newar (Dalit Activist and founder of Agniveer) and his analysis. That will be discussed in another article. But still, I will ask you to see the enormous funds received by Zakat Foundation from Zakir Naik and the enormous amounts of students being admitted yearly in IAS and IPS who have been highly brainwashed in this Islamic ideology. You will be shocked to see the same.

What should we conclude from all this?

We hereby come to this conclusion. Islamists are fighting a war for conversion of India from ‘Dar al-Harb’ to ‘Dar al-Islam’. They will use whatever resources they require, whatever is necessary for achievement of Ghazwa-e-Hind. They use a slogan for Jai Bheem-Jai Meem, in order to assimilate in themselves the marginalized sections of Hindu society, chiefly the Dalits, who themselves form the last defense of Hindu society, from these radical blood thirsty savages. But still, since the Islamic theology states that nobody apart from Muslims will gain their seats in heaven, the Dalits would need to be one day or the other, converted. And I should not miss this, “to save them too from the Hellfire”.

Particularly selective reporting is done to propagate to people that upper-castes are killing Dalits and they need to unite with the Muslims in order to avenge their sufferings. Same media persons and anchors stick to strategic silence for those incidents where Dalits are targeted by Muslims (The Bengaluru street riot is just another episode). They will not speak a word because their blind followers will get to know their game and will see through it. This would further reduce their support, and the ideology, which loses support ceases to exist.

Also Zakat Foundation is working on the Treaty of Hudaibiyah, which was maintained to preach Islam through apologists. So we need to again invoke that common proverb. “All that glitters is not gold!” Be completely sure that they are here to accompalish their mission of Ghazwa-e-Hind and profess Sharia in India. They will do it mischievously and less violently.

Hence we need to understand this as well as identify the trap. Hindu society must be saved. All the existing civilizations perished under the attack of Christianity or Islam. We need to save the Hindu society so as to save the Sanatana Dharma on planet earth. Though Sanatana Dharma still, will continue to exist, but nobody would be practicing it and will surely be eclipsed for a period till someone discovers it again. This if happens, if Hindu society ceases to exist, will be catastrophic to Planet Earth and our Beloved Bharat Mata.

Thank You

[Disclaimer: I regularly use a word ‘Islamists’ in this article. It is hereby declared that the word “Islamists” does not represent my fellow Muslim brethren. I consider the Muslim family of India forcefully converted. They are not radicalized and live their life peacefully. I feel deeply inspired by few Muslims who have either disapproved or have faught against the idea of Islamic radicalism through their esteemed efforts. Sri Arif Muhammad Khan, Sri APJ Abdul Kalam, Sri Zakir Khan, Sri Zakir Hussain, Sri AR Rahman and others who have through their efforts, enriched Indian culture and have stood up for the country. I revere them whole heartedly. I use Islamists for those who are highly colonized by Islamic Radical Theology and are completely brainwashed. They think that they will someday or the other establish Sharia Law in India, which to me is highly intolerable. These people want to breakup my country and I condemn this in highest of the terms. In this Nationalist and Dharmic spirit I write this piece.]

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