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Can knife attack?

'Allahu Akbar'(God is Great)! I know, we all know. But this isn't the true worship as it clearly seems. There are seemingly endless ways to reach infinity. But the blood of "terror caliphates", doesn't peep to understand

The rampage of Islamism in India

All the existing civilizations perished under the attack of Christianity or Islam. We need to save the Hindu society so as to save the Sanatana Dharma on planet earth.

No, Javed Akhtar, I will not celebrate Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Even if we accept that Faiz’s poem was in the context of a protest against a Pakistani dictator, why sing it in India against a democratically elected government and a democratically passed law (CAA)?

A case study of Jews and Israel: learning lessons for Indians and citizenship amendment bill

Any Jew living anywhere in the world, persecuted or not persecuted can seek refuge and ultimately citizenship of Israel.

Why Chetan Bhagat is so very wrong on Kashmir

Chetan Bhagat when says, stone-pelting is due to lack of employment, he must observe that they've very categorically said that the stone pelting is NOT for lack of jobs, but for establishing Islamic Caliphate in the state.

रंगा सियार और भोली प्रजा

क्या भारत की संस्कृति में इतनी क्षमता है कि वो सरलता, सहनशीलता और सहिष्णुता के बल से इन कुटिल योजनाकारों द्वारा निर्मित इस Zombie यानि 'विवेक हीन बुद्धि-नियंत्रित' मानवों की विशाल सेना पर विजय प्राप्त कर लेगी?

Why protests in Islamabad could have large geopolitical ramifications

New Delhi must remain cautious and monitor the situation closely. The game between several actors within Pakistan has begun.

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