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Revisit Film “Rang De Basanti”

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Talking of Bollywood film Rang De Basanti starring Amir Khan, Kunal Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, R. Madhavan, Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth, Alice Patten and Atul Kulkarni. This movie came in 2006 and is considered as one of the finest films Bollywood has ever produced. But like every Bollywood film, this film has a plethora of Hinduphobic propaganda to influence Indian young minds.

The movie begins with a scene where a British journalist named Sue McKinley reads an old diary of her grandfather who was an officer under British Raj and was deputed in the same prison where Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged till death. Now, Mr. McKinley’s old diary dictates that “I was so astonished by these young men (talking of Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Ashfaqullah Khan and other freedom fighters) fighting for their motherland and they did not have a piece of fear in their eyes”. After reading the diary of her grandfather, Sue McKinley thinks of doing a cover story on Indian freedom fighters. So, she comes to India for making a short film on all these brave young men who fought against British. In India, she first meets her friends Sonia (played by Soha Ali Khan).

Now Sonia and Sue go to meet Sonia’s friends DJ, Karan, Aslam, Sukhi which are played by Amir Khan, Siddharth, Kunal Kapoor and Sharman Joshi respectively. Sonia’s friends are partying with beer in their hands and a Bonn fire around when Sue and Sonia reach the place to meet them. when everyone is enjoying the evening and potraying with friends, a man named Laxman Pandey which is played by Atul Kulkarni comes at the place with his goons which are shown wearing a saffron gamchha around their necks and all these saffron guys start misbehaving with the people who are doing nothing but enjoying the good time with their friends. Laxman Pandey says “AAj se ye naach gana band, Poori Bhaartiya Sanskriti ka satyanaash karke rakh diya hai tum logo ne” which in English translates as “from today onwards there wil be no dance and booze, you guys have destroyed the whole Indian culture”.

This scene subconciously makes us believe that the guys who wear safron like people from Bajrang Dal or any other Hindu organization are goons, derogatory and they intimidate people for nothing. But the reality is that Bajrang Dal or any other Hindu organization never say that parttying with friends is wrong, they just want to act against Love Jihad and other like mindsets which are dangerous for Hindu women’s future. Now when Laxman Pandey tells everyone to vacate the place or face the consequences, Aslam (played by Kunal Kapoor) comes forward and ask Pandey to leave soon. On this, Pandey furiously says :Oye! Tu chup kar, Pakistani” translates in English as “You! keep your mouth shut, Pakistani”. This calling an Indian Muslim a Pakistani by a saffron guy makes us believe that all these Hindu people hate Muslims so much that they do not even consider them as Indians.

On the other hand the reality is that Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was made the President of India by BJP itself which was considered as a Hindu extremist political organization by Muslims. Now the movie continues and a scene comes where these friends go to to party and night out because their friend Ajay Rathore has come on a leave since he works as a fighter jet pilot in the Indian Air Force. They party all night and in the early morning after the party they go to drop Aslam to his house. when Sukhi and Karan reach Aslam’s house and ring the doorbell, Aslam’s father (played by Om Puri) comes out and recieves him. Now, Aslam’s father says “Tumko yahi log milte hain dosti karne ke liye, gairmazhabi” translates in English as “do you only find these no Islamic friends” Aslam replies “Ismein mazhab dharm ki baat kaha se aa gayi Abba” translates in English as “where did a matter of religion come from in it”.

After this Aslam’s elder brother say “Mujhe dekha hain tumne kabhi kisi Hindu se dosti karte hue? Ye desh hum musalmano ko na kabhi apna samjha hai aur na samjhega” translates in English as “Have you ever seen me befriending a Hindu? This country has never considered us Muslims as its own people and neither it will”. Aslam replies “Main aapke jitna zahar ghol ke nahin jee sakta apne mann mein, is ghar mein mera dum ghut ta hai” translates in English as “I can not live with the toxicity that you have brother, I feel choked in this house”. This scene smartly makes a huge impact on our minds. Thi scene makes us think that Muslims in India are being called Pakistani no matter how much love they shower for India. A Muslim young man Aslam even fights with his own family members because of his non Muslim friends despite being called a Pakistani by Hindu saffron guy. It makes us believe that Muslims in India are not being treated with respect that they deserve and we start feeling apologetic about it somewhere in our subconcious mind.

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