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Republic Vs Lutyens Media: Why Arnab is winning

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Gone are the days when people simply believed what has been published in English media was right. Youngsters considered reading English newspapers gave them respect. Some even went to the extent of analysing articles appeared in English newspapers for preparing for civil services exams.

The far-left editors pushed their agenda with selective, biased reporting and motivated editorials. Readers’ views were continually ignored, and only the letters that supported the editorial line of the newspaper got published. Helpless readers were left with little or no option as the mainstream media is dominated by these so called “left liberals”. There is an army of left-wing journalists out there, and even if a media owner wanted a different line, it was almost impossible to get that published.

Corrupt journalists then found further opportunities by aligning with corrupt politicians and anti-India forces, almost blackmailing the governments to toe their line, otherwise they would spread misinformation and incite violence across the country. Sadly, the vulnerable sections of the society and radical elements in the minority communities were more than willing to be influenced by the corrupt politicians and the venomous minded journalists.

Social media, YouTube, fact checking news portals like Opindia and open forums changed all this.

Those who felt their voice that do not get published in a mainstream media, went to social media, and suddenly the mainstream media mafia found a formidable challenge from social media. Left wing motivated narrative were strongly opposed by social media posts. The mainstream media mafia editors, who almost considered themselves as super kings found their power diminishing fast.

Far-left liberal, pro-corrupt narratives were always against the popular mood. But when there was no other alternative, people had to put up with this. Arnab Goswami saw this clearly and started an independent media channel to represent people’s voice. Arnab Goswami’s Republic is the first TV to come into the mainstream space and became extremely popular and became No.1.

Republic TV is No.1 because common man finds his voice represented by Republic. A quick look at the Live TV watching statistics will show Republic has far more viewers than any other channel. Not only did the left-liberals completely lost their credibility, they also lost their advertisement revenues because there are no takers for their narratives. So, some news channels tried to tweak the TRP through mischievous ways, at the same foisted false cases against Republic. This is almost like a thief with the fear of getting caught calling another as thief.  

When the false cases were foisted against the Republic, and almost the entire mainstream media mafia went against Republic, people see this as complete vendetta. Even a few who watched other TVs have now unsubscribed and are watching Republic, showing their solidarity. If any, Republic’s popularity has soared after the fake cases. Now we see that the Maharashtra politicians have become so desperate that they seem to further intimidate Arnab to push him to “suicide”. The whole nation is extremely shocked and angry. This is only going to push Republic TV even more popular.

Arnab is winning, because all those ganged up against him have little or no credibility.

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