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How BJP rescued Kashmir

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The independence of India from the British Empire was marked by its partition into two countries, viz India and Pakistan. As a corollary to independence and partition of India, 500‐odd princely states which had direct relationship with the British Empire were required to integrate with either India or Pakistan — the successor states. The process of integration of princely states was not without its highs and lows. Some of the princely states, like Hyderabad, Junagarh and Jammu and Kashmir, posed quite a few problems at the time of integration for several reasons, namely the inclination of its rulers, the religious component of the local population and the competing interests of the two successor states, India and Pakistan. Hyderabad and Junagarh were favourably resolved in India’s favour. Integration of Jammu and Kashmir with India was not a smooth affair. It was only after Pakistan‐aided forces including the Pakistan army had invaded Jammu and Kashmir that the then ruler of Jammu and Kashmir signed the instrument of accession in India’s favour. With the instrument of accession, India had a locus standi to protect its territory in Jammu and Kashmir.I still put a name on what I discern from many old aged people in my village that how Pakistani Tribal Army persecuted Kashmiris, Raped many women’s and did larceny of Gold, Silver and other essential items in 1948.However, it was the brave Indian Army Jawans who fought against Coward Pakistani Tribals and emancipated Kashmir from that Horror. This was not the last but till now they are putting efforts to devastate Kashmir by thrusting Insurgents, providing Hawala money to separatists to activate civil agitations & using cyber medium to Brain wash youth and Swindle them in the name of JIHAD. The rationale behind all this was a non- success and egoistic agreement which led to the incorporation of Article 370 and Article 35A in Indian Constitution.

These two Articles proved as fuel to the fire and provided bonus to Pakistan to satisfy it’s malicious aims and also recognised separatist wings in J&K. it was behind the exodus of Pandit’s from Kashmir, terrorism, civil Agitations, devastation and other consequences in Kashmir. The Genisis of Article 370 spawns inequality not only in India but its ramifications also forge inequality within J&K and therefore it’s retention was not only threat to the national sovereignty but also implies festering of contentious issues.

Article 370 was not only violating the fundamental rights of a women if he got married to a non state subject holder by denying her from property rights but, was also ignoring valmik samaj, Gujar Bakarwals, Gorkhas, west Pakistani refugees, from basic human rights. It was also creating a nation within a nation and was acting as a barrier between the centre and state instead of a bridge.So, it’s abrogation was the need of an hour. The BJP led government always put efforts to provide relief to the people of J&k whom has been the victims of pakistani terrorism since from a long Ago. On 05 August 2019, finally Article 370 and 35A was repealed and it proved as an appropriate remedial approach to all those wounds and ended up all the miseries suffered by the people of J&K.

Since from the day it has been abrogated, there has been 36 % decline in terror incidents, 40% decline of local recruitment in militant groups, No strike calls and led to the strength of democratic set up at Gross root level.There is now huge rush of people in mainstream politics.The employment generation and development is at zenieth.

The minority and marginalized groups got justice and the creadit for all this revolution goes to BJP led centre government who made efforts to give a shape to the sacrifice of shyma prasad mukherji to make the nation happy and strong India.

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