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FCRA ACT 2020: A new chapter in Indian Security

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The passing of Foreign Contribution Regulation (Amendment) act, 2020 in both houses of parliament added a new pillar in Indian security. The recent amendment reflects government’s vision and determination to tighten the existing loopholes in security related laws.

Need of this bill:

In 21st century not all wars are fought on battlefield with soldiers and heavy machinery. Proxy war and propaganda war has emerged as the new method in warfare. The three elements in this type of warfare are – sleeper cells, Media and militant groups. And all these needs money to work and by strict vigilance, government can control the enemy’s propaganda warfare.

Functions of sleeper cell are performed by some NGOs and they carry out their work in forms of strikes, Bandhs, crowd management etc. Some of them are also accused of carrying out conversion activities in tribal areas.

The involvement of PFI, a radical Islamist organization in Delhi riots and Hathras Gang rape case in inciting violence affirms the above allegation. Prohibiting political parties from receiving foreign funds can prevent Indian political parties being used as a pawn in hands of enemy’s hand.

Role of Media is enormous and cannot be overlooked, it helps people to make informed decisions and create opinions on different issues. Any biased or skewed information can manipulate the masses and have adverse effect on law and public order, as was seen during anti-CAA protest. Recent report of a news channel claiming the vandalizing of Tanishq store ends up being false. Media often leaves out untouched by legal action on the ground of freedom of press. This bill by prohibiting editor or publisher of a newspaper from receiving money can stop this menace by a large extent.    

Jammu and Kashmir, North eastern India and naxalites belt is infested by militant groups who receives large sum of money from foreign sources. They are responsible of killing many security personnel as well as stop the engine of development of large part of India.

A single account that too on a single bank (SBI), with mandatory Aadhar registration can stop the circulation of black money and its use on illegitimate consumptions.

The bill may seem unreasonable and anti-liberal on first instance, but this bill is the need of hour considering the long struggle of Indian armed forces with naxalites and other militant groups and the frequent outbreaks of communal riots which are draining away India’s already limited resources.

It is government paramount duty to create an atmosphere where along with economic development an individual can rise to his full potential in every aspect, and this is possible only when there is peace and robust law and order system.

If “With power comes responsibility”, then its converse is also true. Better control on funds is necessary especially in this dynamic era with new challenges and hostile neighbors.  

As citizen of this country we expect government to maintain peace and order which is possible only when government has enough legislative powers to do the so.

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