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Dear Americans, reflect hard

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

Dear American Citizens!   

I am an Indian citizen but I am most concerned with the ensuing presidential election in your country because your choice will affect many citizens across the world. Yes choice of the American citizens, will determine not only the fate of America but also the rest of the world. To understand the implications of the above statement, it is necessary to understand the nature of evil forces that are at play around the world and particularly in USA. 

The world is speedily slipping in to the the grip of two groups of forces whose sole aim is to dominate the world. These two groups even though they have separate design objectives for dominating the world they complement each other in their approach towards their objective. Both of them constantly work to weaken their adversary all the time, using the decency of its adversaries to work for them. Both these groups subscribe to this doctrine that anybody who is not with them is against them.

Not much effort is needed on the part of any common man who has elementary awareness about what is happening around the world to guess which are these two groups. One of these two cancerous group is a religious fundamentalist force which wants to convert all non believers to their faith or annihilate them in the name of holy war and the other cancerous group wants to uproot all ideologies except their version of communism.

Both these evil forces do not have even an iota of liberalism in the doctrine that they swear by. Both believe in subjugation of humanity for higher ideals perceived by them. Very cleverly and surreptitiously these two evil groups aspiring for global dominance, leverage Liberal values of a civilized society. Ironically the group of people who call themselves as liberals and take to street protest at the first sign of any encroachment to  their liberal values or restrictive measures to the Liberal society end up becoming a catalyst for these two world domination aspiring forces.

Unfortunately many of these Liberals have pre world war and world war era schisms strongly ingrained in their mind set. Post world war period has seen establishment of democratic forms of govts in most of the nations and unlike the world war era, there is a consortium of world Nations. UNO, which makes it difficult for any one Nation to continue with its imperialistic design or enter in to war with other without dwelling upon options for peaceful resolution of conflict of interests. Therefore the Liberal’s traditional strong allergy to Nationalism and rightwing dominance is misplaced.

In many countries, the protest value of liberal/activists  is compensated by those who wish to exploit their  rent a cause protest potential either through media columns or through mass street  movements. Some of them are permanently hired by the groups which want to further their vested interests. Especially in my country India the left leaning liberal class come as an amoral group willing to trade the interest of their nation and the society they live in for personal rewards and perks.

The most unfortunate thing that these Liberals do not realize is that with their penchant for unregulated liberties, one day they will end up face to face with those very forces which will devour all of their liberties. Many of these liberals are highly paid for to carry on their liberal tag. What is happening in many liberalized democracies of Europe is portent for terrifying things in store for future, if the common public does not wake up to this hard reality that their future is at stake in the inter play of cancerous forces trying to mushroom itself across the world, then it will be too late.

From the afore said paragraphs, it important to note that  choice  that would go on to blunt and checkmate   the ill designs of these forces, should be persisted with. The vote should be oriented towards future generations of America and that of the world community. What happens in USA affects rest of the world too.

It is not the personalities who matter, but what really matters is what these personalities stand for. How they wish to take the fight of the rest of the world against these two evil groups. No one should underestimate the power of these two cancerous groups they have so much money to splurge that they can have the entire American main stream news media and the prominent liberals in their pocket to drive their agenda. An empirical rule for guidance is that when the main media is against someone disdainfully then take it that  person’s winning would cause lot of perturbation to their design, hence he should be the natural choice of your vote. From the day the republican president took office in 2016 the media mechanization and left liberals have been after him to unsettle him. It is not that America never had republican presidents before, then why so much of adverse campaigns against Mr. Trump. Which hidden patrons these media mafia and left liberals are representing, who is orchestrating their vilifying campaign, think and reflect. If you let things slip out of control, then there may not even be a remotest possibility of yet another American revolution taking birth in centuries to rescue the Americans from the clutches of Evil forces that would have taken over America.   

Any president who cannot vehemently and forthrightly tackle the Chinese govt is a liability for the entire world. The Chinese should not be allowed to get away with the worldwide genocide committed by them and economic mess created by them. Both the religious fundamentalist group and the Chinese dragon would not like Trump to return.    

Praying for better future for the world.

Yours sincerely


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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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