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Cannibals and vultures

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‘India will be free when the women feel safe to walk in the streets of India in the midnight’–MK Gandhi.

The Second October is celebrated as International Day of Non-Violence to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. A dhoti clad man with strong will power and grit, freed India from the clutches of the English. From the days of Gandhiji to today nothing has changed in regards to the violence being perpetrated against women. He wished women to be free and safe even in the Midnight but the conditions of today portray a different picture altogether. We are in such a phase where women aren’t safe in day light, in their own houses but we are celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi every year mocking the principles on which Gandhiji led India to freedom.

Recent outrage over the rape happened in Hathras in UP again highlights the sick mentality of the perpetrators of the crime. Rape should be condemned with a unified voice and the culprits to be punished with highest possible in books of Law. And I am sure this will happen in course of time. What I am more worried is at the political cannibalism and journalistic vultures. The victim didn’t have dignity in her death nor in Midnight burning of the body nor no dignity to the family which is being hounded by press, politicians to toe their line. Irony is the family is not even allowed to mourn peacefully.  They are being hurt, being used and shamed.

With their political careers dwindling, some politicians are being advised, the Hathras incident as God given opportunity for them by some insane journalists. The same goes true to some channels whose TRP ratings touched lower than their competitors are out to prove a point and start peddling fake news. They are out to use this opportunity to the fullest. From a politician rolling like monkey on the ground to Journo trying to put words into the victim kin’s mouth they are hounding the village. Many audio and video clips being spread on social media only added to the chaos. These politicians or journo don’t give a damn for the victim or her family except for their own selfish interests.

The government of state is being misled by the so called senior bureaucrats. If you look at the tenure of Govt in the state, it is always in hurry to deliver justice even sometimes by allowing bad vehicle drivers to drive the criminals, who turn their vehicles turtle by their sheer incapability. I feel the govt was in hurry once again. Otherwise what sane explanation can be given for the police burning the body in the glare of cameras? Was the administration in a hurry to scuttle the focus on the case by doing the final rites? Were the accused be driven around in a vehicle with an experienced driver who specializes in doing stunts, as soon as possible to deliver the justice?

The selective outrage over the rape cases also defeats the very purpose of standing against the crime. We are being fed with news in a wrong way. “A dalit woman gangraped by the upper  caste men”. What are the channels implying. The same channel report in a different way when the alleged perpetrator is from other peaceful religion. In the name of democracy and free journalism we are being exposed to the most vicious propaganda. History will only prove the point that being politically correct is not good all the times.

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