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Shiv Sena must leave the legacy of Goonda Raj in order to survive in democracy

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Day after demolishing property of Manikarnika star Kangana Ranaut for raising voice against the system and arrest of three Republic Network journalist for reporting on Shiv Sena, they have stooped to another low where goons of Shiv Sena attacked a 66-Year-old ex-Navy officer just for forwarding a cartoon over WhatsApp, ironically the founder of Shiv Sena himself was a cartoonist. Some days before they have shown their inefficiency for the justice of mob lynching of Hindu sadhus in front of Maharashtra police. Democracy in Maharastra is seeing dark days under the Shiv Sena administration.

Maharastra, specifically Mumbai has seen the history of gangsters in the beginning decades of India’s independence. With the Economic boom in the nineties and Mumbai being the financial capital of the country, Law and order of Maharastra by and large where they have managed to eradicate the gangsters. But in absence of gangsters after seeing so many years of their influence it created a vacuum which Shiv Sena is trying to fill by being the gangsters themselves.

Shiv Sena as a party was started with good intentions in their own words on the teachings of the great Shivaji Maharaj, which Shri Bala Saheb Thackrey the founder of Shiv Sena managed to make it relevant for so many years. But as the legacy passed on to the son of Shri Bala Saheb Thackrey, Uddhav Thackrey they started behaving more like those gangsters than the great Shivaji Maharaj himself.

One of the shocking things is all those so-called placard holder Bollywood lobbies and the award-wapsi gang have not said a single word on this behaviour of the state government. Since 2014 they have been chanting intolerant India but suddenly there is complete silence in that nexus. Either they are scared of the real intolerance they are seeing or they are silent because they have themselves been doing PR campaign for this government on twitter.

The great Shivaji Maharaj’s legacy and school of thought believe in justice which they claim to stand for but their recent actions dictate otherwise. The great Shivaji Maharaj’s teachings stand for respect for women which they claim for but their recent actions state otherwise. Shiv Sena needs to understand that they should leave their legacy of goonda raj behavior if they are looking for any future in a vibrant and growing democracy like India.

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