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Nature, food and adverse effects (Corona)

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

Entire world is witnessing the various forms of disasters/catastrophes owing to nature’s hostility. Latest is Corona, storms, cyclones…Why are we witnessing nature’s conduct this way?

Nature is offering everything for free to every living being in the universe even if we don’t nurture or accomplish something good for our great nature, it is serving generously for all of us.

However, we human beings are not genuinely grateful to mother nature and we are constantly at work to conquer it by any means. We have a notion that with our great intellect and mind, we can overpower everything created by Mother nature.

We have been growing exponentially in diverse segments of our life using science and technology. Nothing wrong in rising materialistically however if it is at the cost of destroying mother nature then consequences are obvious what we are witnessing today. We are neglecting the balancing act. We ought to foster our environment and use it sensibly besides not to exploit it.

Few main causes of environment degradation are:

  1. Deforestation
  2. Animal killing to satisfy the tongue.
  3. Exploitation of natural resources.
  4. Air, Water and soil pollution
  5. Leaving Hindu culture and adopting Westernization.

The study shows that the oxygen consumed by an individual in their lifetime is equal to an average of 17 trees, how many trees are planted by each and every one in their lifetime?

Paper industries are also destroying our forests in a big way, just want to quote one example we get approximately 3000, A4 paper sheets at the cost of one tree.

Greediness of mankind to earn unreasonably from forests also led to deforestation.

Second and foremost reason is killing of millions of animals daily to satisfy the tongue, systematically dodging the truth that it is the most perilous action mankind is performing to ruin the natural world.

Animal requires huge amount of food grains to develop the flesh required for the human beings to eat, the same food grains can help in alleviating poverty and even the inflation can be brought down.

It also badly impacts total environment, soil, water, air is polluted to a large extend resulting in global warming. What type of environment we want to leave for our future generations? Methane gas produced during burping and chirping by animals is almost 20% harmful than carbon dioxide. Huge amount of water is wasted daily to convert animal into meat. Soil pollution is another factor.

We should strive to decrease or complete stoppage of non-vegetarian food for the betterment of our future generations.

The nutrients and vitamin requirements for our body to function normally are available in ample quantity and quality in vegetarian food.

We have been blessed with vast knowledge and cultural practices by our great ancestors and sages to maintain our environment with utmost care and love towards everything in nature. However, we have systematically, purposely and slowly forgotten the knowledge and practices imparted by our ancestors to maintain and use our environment judiciously, just to satisfy our greed. We really need to bring back and implement it in our daily life so as to bring balance in our mother nature.

You may agree or may not agree that current corona crisis that whole world is facing is owing to devastation of nature especially due to bad food habits. Can we seriously think on this issue and positively work on it, at least to safeguard our future generations? The current corona crisis affected the whole world socially, economically, mentally and physically. Is it not a good idea to seriously think on real issues than keeping them aside for our temporary pleasures?

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer
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