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It happens only in India: Women and the destruction of evil

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The Hindu civilization, despite being the only ancient civilization still in existence, has been refuted and discredited as myths by people with their own selfish agenda. As a result, the people of our country keep repeating the same disastrous mistakes over and over again. Women have been the focal point of all our epics. Ancient historical texts have highlighted how using force on a woman, who stands with truth, ultimately led to the downfall and destruction of those who were thought to be invincible. The atrocities committed against Kangana Ranaut, a fearless woman fighting for the truth, makes me wonder what end is to be met by her torturer and current “ruler”.

In Hinduism, Devi Durga is known to be the Durgati Nashini, meaning the destroyer of all evil forces. She was born to kill Mahishashura, an Asura, who was undefeatable by any man or male diety. Her victory over the mighty Asura earned her the title of Mahishashura Mardini.

Only women with weapons were not known to be extraordinarily powerful. Mata Sita was an incarnation of Devi Lakshmi whose most potent weapon was her virtue. She was treacherously kidnapped by the invincible Ravana, an act which ultimately led him to his destruction. It is true that Sri Ram, her husband, struck the final blow on Ravana, but had he not invited the wrath of Mata Sita, he wouldn’t have met his end so disgracefully.

Take another example, Devi Gandhari, who has been immortalized in our courts of justice because she was an epitome of non-inclination and unbiased decisions. She never blessed her 100 sons to win the Kurukshetra war because they were on the side of adharm and evil. However, she believed that Sri Krishna, who was known to be the reincarnation of Sri Vishnu, could have stopped the war if He wished and thereby keep her sons alive. She could not bear the pain of losing a hundred sons and rightfully blamed Sri Krishna for their death. As a result, she cursed Him that His whole dynasty would perish in front of his eyes. And so did it happen. Sri Krishna saw the end of Yaduvansh before he left this earth. Even the Preserver, Sri Krishna, could not protect himself from the wrath of a virtuous woman.

So you see, history is proof that one should not enrage a woman fighting for truth and justice. Kangana stood up against the injustice being done to Sushant Singh Rajput by falsely tarnishing his image and declaring his death a suicide without any forensic evidence. She spoke up against the Maharashtra government and Mumbai police which tried to botch up the investigation by brute force BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THEY COULD DO ANYTHING THEY WISHED AS “RULERS OF MAHARASHTRA”. Maharashtra CM, either because of putramoh (weakness on account for the love for his son, as also exhibited by Dhritarashtra in the epic Mahabharata) or on account of being a megalomaniac (like Ravana) has invited the wrath of every woman in this nation. Whatever be the reason, he has chosen the path of adharm and has symbolically wronged every woman of this great nation, and so will his ego meet its end very soon. He should remember that history repeats itself and should show repentance for his deeds if he wants to reclaim himself.

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