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Influence or ignorance?

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My kids were watching the movie IRONMAN 3 and a character named Mandarin, which was played by Ben Kingsley, caught my attention. In a nutshell the Mandarin is a notorious terrorist threatening American President. But when the IronMan manage to track him down, he gets baffled by the fact that Mandarin is an artist and without any stuff he was made a bogey legend. To put it in clear words a scapegoat.

I came across The Time awards for 100 influential people for 2020. I was quite surprised to find a name which I barely heard before. She is Bilkis Dadi as she is been affectionately called from the Shaheen Bagh protests which crippled New Delhi for few weeks.

So I started my research on her and was astonished to see except for a convenient interview with Rana Ayyub, she literally has no idea what she is fighting for. She reiterates that she is fighting for justice for her children and not for the biryani packets and the Rs.500 as was being alleged. She needs respect. Wish she has raised her voice to denounce the Triple Talaaq to garner some respect for the women. She is projected as influential whereas she tells in a interview that Biryani is being provided by God and Corona will not attack those offering five times prayers. It is really surprising that the Times found her to be influential.

Whenever the anti social elements want to push their propaganda forward and appeal to the masses, they need a Legend. And in anti CAA protests they found Dadis of Shaheen bagh who were ignorant of the CAA. They knew that the Dadis wouldn’t be touched nor be sent to jail. If police happen to take any action then they can create ruckus for touching the elders. The plan was good but the pandemic flopped all their designs.

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