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Indoctrination and the families of Jihadists in Kashmir

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Kashmir has been the Apple of discord between both India and Pakistan since from the day of detachment in 1947. Pakistan with its malafide intention always endeavour to knock down the edifice of tranquility and future of Kashmiri youth in Kashmir. Due to the conspiracy and double-dealing strategy of Pakistan towards the devastation of Kashmir, the state since from 1990’s, has been witnessing a trend of Pan-Islamism, clearing Kashmir Valley of the Hindu minority presence and young boys disposed to lay down their lives in the name of ‘Jihad’, the holy war. Separatist groups perceived as secular were abandoned by Pakistan, favouring other Islamist substitutions, when they started moving away from the Pakistani’s stance to see Jammu and Kashmir merging with Pakistan.

Islamic terrorists endeavoured to bring structural changes at cultural levels of the Kashmir society since the inception of militancy, as in the year 1989 and in the early 1990’s there was a mushroom growth of militant organization’s in Kashmir advocating ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’ (Rule of the Prophet) as the objective of their struggle. Simultaneously, all cinema houses, beauty salons, wine shops, bars, video centers, use of cosmetics, listening to music or any such form of entertainment were banned by militant groups. There were bans imposed on the selling of cigarettes and on the circulation of Indian national- and Jammu based newspapers in the Kashmir Valley. Islamist groups threatened to bomb houses, where women refused to wear veils.

Such diktats bear a striking similarity to the ones imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan and recently by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Various Islamist groups like Jamaat-e-Islami and its militant wing, Hizbul Mujahideen, the radical women’s wing, Dukhtaran-i-Millat,Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen, Allah Tigers, Jamiat-ul-Ulemma Islam, Al Badr, Al Jihad Force, Al Umar Mujahideen, Muslim Mujahideen, Islamic Students League, Zia Tigers, and many such organization’s decreed the objective of their struggle as Islamization of the Socio-political and economic set-up,merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan and establishment of an Islamic Caliphate.

Religious radicalization has its growing influence in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Majority of the Muslim youth in the Kashmir Valley is increasingly inclining towards extremist political, social and religious ideas repudiating and challenging the status quo. There has been a sudden heave in Pan-Islamism in Kashmir’s Muslim society gradually marginalizing an initial pro-nationalist agenda of insurgency. Rabidly fanatical clerics are indoctrinating the youth with Wahhabi ideology, whereby they reject the old Kashmiri tradition of people visiting and paying obeisance at the shrines of popular saints (Sufis and Rishis), terming it a violation of the teachings of Islam.

The youth are told that it is the duty of Muslims to capture power and impose Sharia Law,which disapproves democracy and legitimates Jihad as means for establishing an Islamic Caliphate. All these situations in The state of Jammu and Kashmir are posing more challenges to our Brave Army Jawans who are always putting efforts to end the roots of Pakistan-based Jihadi groups like Hizbul Mujahideen, Harkat ‌ul Ansar, Markaz Dawa-wal-Irshad and its militant wing Lashkar-e-Taiba who are extensively active in the Kashmir Valley as they found it easy to mislead the gullible people in Kashmir.

All these Kashmir-destructive policies are trapping the Young intellectuals to pick up guns and to fight against indian armed forces in the name of Jihad and devastating their future and assassinating the expectations of those parents which they dream of their Children’s.The outcome of every wrong is always a punishment and like that the future of every terrorist is encounter.The parents who raise-up a child for their old age comforts, when their child got killed in an encounter looses all hope. The brave Army jawans always trying hard as nails to Catch the terrorists alive to save the hope of their parents and reform them but because of the curse which they will face after “surrender ” Let them to kiss the death. There are some parents whom have only one child and that too got killed in an ecounter and then no one among the bosses of the so called Separatist groups never come to ask them about their situation. they live a life of sufferings after that & always pained by the killings of their child and even unable to feed Themselves.

These youth who are being brainwashed by the Pakistan sponsored groups are being sold for a single medical seat in Pakistan which are later being sold to royals of state on high rates.Nowadays, Islamic Militants are the new role models for the unemployed youth in kashmir who are being made to believe that Muslims across the world are fighting and dying for them as a service to Islam.The disappearances of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar have been turned into myths and replaced by stories that Allah helped them to disappear and these stories are used by Islamic clerics in Kashmir while preaching to the youth in mosques.

The education system has been destabilized, with the mushrooming growth of Madrassas outpacing the modern institutions of education. ‘Jihad’ is not only fought with arms and weapons in Kashmir now but ,also has a cyber dimension to it. Social media is being used in glorifying militancy and an ideological war is being fought in this new operational theater, using web based applications that allow creation and sharing of messages. ‘Electronic Jihad’ includes activities such as the provocation to engage in terrorist activities and carry out violent attacks, radicalization and recruitment of supporters and carrying out a psychosomatic war aimed at increasing the enemy’s vulnerability.

The Term jihad has been mis-interpreted and jihad is not just a war, rather it can be understood from a universal humane perspective and its philosophical moral principles can be used in greater human and social welfare. It is the responsibility of every responsible citizen of Jammu and Kashmir, Media, civil societies and most importantly the political leaders who have been acting as the corporal hosts of the State to educate the youth of the Valley and discourage them to hero-worship militants, who majority of the times, are angry victims of pseudo- religious eyewash and economic deprivation and save the future of kashmir from the destruction and devastation of Pakistan led policies.

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