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India China at loggerheads: The current status quo at LAC

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The series of events from at the LAC is now getting worst with the passage of time. From June 15 when the first time it was reported that China and India’s military troops clashed in hand to hand combat at LAC that was a disputed border as claimed by China in the humiliating mountains resulting in the death from both the sides. This was the deadliest confrontation between both the countries in 45 years marking a danger escalation between two nuclear powers.

What is going on between India and China?

In the 1950’s a famous term was used to describe the relationship between both the countries as “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” which means India and China are brothers, however that was the exception rather than the norm with a deep seeded mistrust on both sides still felt today.  In the past, despite attempt for amicable relationship such as the India China friendship association cracks were already appearing in their bilateral relationship due to multidimensional reasons behind the same. Like China never accepted the borders drafter by the British in 1940 demarcating the frontier between TIBET and BRITISH INDIA also known as McMahon line. The ambiguity of the 550 mi line which India recognises as its official border soon became a source of tension between two Asian neighbours.

Finally, it calumniated in the Sino Indo War in 1962, the battle lasted a month. Over the next few years India managed to recover the lost ground in a mid-occasional clash between both the countries including one in 1975 which brought 45 years of easy peace at border. Despite efforts from the political leadership to diplomatic talks the issue remained unresolved. Between 1993and 2005 India and China signs a series of agreement including the 1996 agreement[1]that prohibiting the fire arms in volatile area. So what are both side fighting over exactly and what is importance of the same?

The McMahon line forms a long border between both the countries that extends for more than 3400 km in the harsh cold mountain region. Both sides building their infrastructure at LAC now due to escalating tensions between both the side. The tension between India and China goes beyond the land borders and given the economic position this will have broader implication for the region and rest of the world too. The two countries make up around 36% population of world. Both the countries are the global economy. The geo political tensions for India is not a novel thing as Pakistan is always there for India too give some new tensions at LoC but the recent development at LAC is unprecedented in the last 45 years especially. Even before the recent clash the geopolitical tension between tow juggernaut have been on the rise of late. In the recent years India’s neighbors Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka has knot the closer ties between China under its Belt and Road Initiative. To counter the rise of China, India has sought closer ties with other strategic players such as US, Japan and Australia. The latest clash has also led to a boycott of Chinese company in India and a ban on many Chinese apps by the government, also the populace of India is now boycotting China.

Current Situation: The Paradigm Shifted

In India China Standoff the current situation is still on the raises edge it is till volatile and grim. The dubious nature of China and continual postponement for the military level talks is raising concern for the Indian side. The recent standoff at Ladakh and the deployment of various fighter planes of IAF is giving a strong signal that situations are not normal in anyway at the LAC, despite of series of talks at military level and diplomatic level things are not deescalating at LAC region at all. From Miraj 2000, Apache helicopters to the newly inducted Rafael all are set ready by the IAF for any emergencies.  The Indian air force is in top gear for both defensive and offensive air operations. Military preparedness in Ladakh has been high for nearly 5 months now but since the end of august the tempo of missions get a record high. The Indian Air forces are fully prepared for any eventuality.  From the actions of both the end it is clear that the war clouds looming large in Ladakh, Mirage 2000 fighter jets, SU-30s and other jest have been carrying out a number of sorties, the Army is extensively deployed an increasing number along the line of actual control to keep an eye on extremely belligerent and untrustworthy China coupled with the major fact that China is appears reluctant to return to the dialogue table.

In the recent past, the huge event happened where China violated series of agreement as after 1975 for first time there was a firing on LAC. In the recent event that happened due to the frustration of China by the steps taken by Indian side at different fronts from diplomatic issues to ground level things where India has captured the Black top post that is located in South of Pangong lake. China tried to capture the Black top post twice but unable to do so. The event took place and firing happened on 8th September just added fuel to the burning fire, each side has different view on the event that had happened. In a statement, Colonel Zhang Shuili, spokesperson for the PLA Wester Theatre Command claimed the Indian Army  “crossed the line and entered Bangong Hunan, the western section of the Sino-Indian Border” and the “Indian actions seriously violated the relevant agreements and agreements between China and India, pushing up regional tensions, and easily causing misunderstandings and misjudgments” the Chinese side is blaming India for all actions through its mouth piece for international world i.e. global times. India claimed that there are no firing from the Indian side, China violated the agreements of 2005 and 1996. Situation at LAC is very tensed right now due to multidimensional reasons.

The strong message on the recent events were sent to China as no cooperation policy with China till the border issues get resolved. In a diplomatic way with an implicit meaning India pulls out of Military Exercise in Russia named Kavkaz 2020 where many other nations were participating like China, Pakistan , Turkey and other SCO countries will also participate in the exercise. The deployment of T90 tanks at border region to deployment of warship by Indian Navy in South China sea is giving a clear insight that things may getting worse if there will not be de-escalation between two nations. There is not an iota of doubt that it is a changed India and not a India of 1962’s and that’s why still both the nations are trying to de escalate the things, further it is also cleared by the Indian side that if talk fails then military is last option as CDS General Mr. Bipin Rawat said.

The top Chinese analyst has endorsed Modi’s “Mazboot Bharat” resolve to fight back the aggression at the Line of Actual Control. Chinese analyst Gordon Chang in hi s  article narrated how the PLA troops have been pushed back. He analysed the India’s effort to fought the situation at LAC, he presented a remarkable thing on which we should encourage our soldiers and current government regime he said “the Indian leaders soldiers are no more psychologically paralysed, till now China was always under the impression as it will be able to get its way as India remains defensive after the 1962 war but now as China took India by Surprise as India responds ferociously” it is a big revelation from somebody who is from China itself.

It is clear that we are in a New India as the aforesaid contentions are coming from the insider who is from China itself and a great analyst of PLA policies. The winds are changed now, already government puts ITBP and SSB on high alerts furthermore the Defence minister said that Indian Army is prepared for every situation  but the present standoff at LAC must be de escalated as it is good for both the nations in every aspect. It is not wrong to quote what PM Narendra Modi said :[2]

The enemies of India have seen the fire and fury of our forces.

[1] Available at:


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