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Happy integration day “dear Hyderabad”

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Today when entire UrbunNaxal-Libtard-Islamists Forces are creating wave of hate and misinformation in the name of justice, saving democracy FoE it is not only for showing solidarity to Umar Khalid – The Accused Lord Commander of Anti HIndu Riots 2020″, there is one more fact which they want to hide under the ladder of their chaos. They want to suppress the celebratory voices of those millions of anti-radical Hindu freedom fighters who challenged brutality and injustice which ended with annexation of Hyderabad in the union of India – Thank you Sardar Patel!

Reason for public outrage against Nizam: Mir Sir Osman Ali Khan decided to be free independent princely state, but 85% Hindu majority was willing to join mainland and it was very obvious too, because rule of Nizam was completely partial and humiliating with towards majority Hindu population which was visible clearly. A princely state where Muslim population was not even 12% of total demography, in 1941 a report on the civil service revealed that of the 1765 officers, 1268 were Muslims, 421 were Hindus, and 121 others, presumably British, Christians, Parsis and Sikhs. Of the officials drawing a pay between Rs 600-1200 pm, 59 were Muslims, 38 were ‘others’, and a mere five were Hindus. The Nizam and his nobles, who were mostly Muslims, owned 40% of the total land in the kingdom. Quite clearly it was too much of a good thing for so few and the time for its end had come.

As atrocity and partiality of Islamic ruler was visible in day light, an independent royal kingdom within the democratic sovereign state of India was not less then Leprosy disease. In the words of Sardar Patel “An independent Hyderabad constituted a Cancer in the belly of India.’” Many negotiations failed to lure the Nizam to join Indian dominionas ,day by day dissatisfaction of majority public increased so was the increase in brutality, mass muder, rape loot of Razakars who were unofficial band of murderers of Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Muslimeen (now a days known as All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul-Muslimeen). But “Chacha” was still reluctant to use Police force fearing that “Pakistan- 5 time smaller than India” can attack India if Military power is used. But Sardar Patel worked very hard and he had no patience for talks and tolerate atrocities of MIM goons on poor Hyderabad public. Under the leadership of Home Minister Sardar Patel, Indian forces attacked Nizam of Hyderabad and forced to surrender and Hyderabad became part of Union of India on 17 September 1948.

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