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China’s bid to establish a sino-centric order: Challenges to India and the world

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Devender Kumar
Devender Kumar
Devender Kumar is a Assistant Professor, School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages, Rashtriya Raksha University, India

China with its greater rejuvenation strategy has tried to take over the world. Since witnessing an economic rise from 1980s, it has silently attained growth and observed world politics without taking position on any international issue. By doing so it became the huge beneficiary of the post 1990s globalized world. Even with the rise in terrorist attacks worldwide, Beijing continued to work towards its economic progress but with the subsequent growth and alluring aid to nations in the post 2010 era Beijing has failed to compete with USA in the Hard power and Soft Power assets. With rise in competition with USA, the trade war and Washington DC’s support to countries in South China Sea and joints exercises in Indo-Pacific region has challenged Chinese desired Sino-Centric world. Hence, the Politburo Standing Committee is looking for other options to counter USA and its influence.

China is undermining the established norms under international law in the South-China Sea. The Communists Party of China desires to control the world by outsmarting USA, made it focus on biological and psychological warfare, primarily for four main reasons, first due to failure in competing with USA, Second, due to trade war and influence of USA around the world, Thirdly, to Safeguard interest in South-China Sea and block formulation of power block in support of countries in the South-China Sea and prevent support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of nation against the nine-dash line of China in the South-China Sea. Fourthly, to ensure Chinese hegemony in markets worldwide.

For all such goals China began making a grand strategy for controlling the world by manufacturing a deadly virus such as Covid-19 for derailing the rising economies of the world including India from posing a challenge to China in the long-run ‘to ensure survival’. As also highlight by Dr Li Meng Yan Chinese Virologist, that Covid-19 is a man-made virus developed by the government of China. By doing so Beijing has derailed the world from the path of development and caused huge damage to people in economic, social and political sectors. Moreover, led to suffering, lockdowns, pain, distress, agony and loss of human life, most of which are irreparable.

Beijing in the neighbourhood is following a policy of aggression especially with India on its borders and in the South-China Sea. The skirmishes with India, opposition to Quad among countries such as India, Japan, Australia and USA, is a part of Beijing’s grand strategy to cover-up damage caused to the world by its virus (Covid-19). Since Beijing knows that constant aggressive behaviour would lead to different headlines in the world media and divert the attention of the world from Covid-19 to war for which it finds India as the best option since both are nuclear powers and in the neighbourhood. Hence India’s five points at Russia with the Chinese counterpart Wang-Yi will not ensure peace in the long due to Chinese non-adherence to these points and subsequent others signed in the past. Hence, soon be met with aggression from the Chinese counterparts after receiving bittering public response to China due to its virus through boycotts. Facing such China would unleash terror of psychological warfare to divert the attention.

New Delhi at the present stage needs to sign strong defence agreements with the powerful countries, since India is faced with economic slow-down, health crisis and fall in GDP. Secondly, New Delhi needs to openly criticize China for its virus and damage caused to the world. Formal recognition of the Covid-19 as the Chinese Virus is required since it originated in China, as also declared by USA. Thirdly, India needs to openly support Hong-Kong, Tibet and Taiwan and support their liberation struggle since it’s a principle of Indian foreign policy to support people in their struggle for freedom from a tyrant, hence New Delhi should no longer support the One-China narrative of the Politburo.

India at this juncture should re-look at its Panchsheel agreement with China since Beijing has violated all provisions of it. Beijing’s aggression on borders violates peaceful co-existence principles noted in the agreement, China has also objected to Indian heads of States visits to Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, it has objected to Indian Presidents visit to the state, that is a interference in the internal affairs of the country hence a violation of provisions of Panchsheel.

China has used Panchsheel to ensure non-interference and non-aggression from New Delhi during its journey for economic rise and strengthened Pakistan with Nuclear warheads. Given the danger posed by China the contemporary world needs to counter, co-operate and coordinate in order to fight the danger posed by China to the contemporary world order. Above all, the recently adopted policies by Beijing has potential to ignite a Third World War.

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Devender Kumar
Devender Kumar
Devender Kumar is a Assistant Professor, School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages, Rashtriya Raksha University, India
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