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Bappa Rawal – The legend untold

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Sanat Bhardwaj
Believer and follower of Sanatan. I have firm faith one day Sanatan will show the world the path of peace prosperity and moral value. World could be better and more beautiful if and only if Sanatan Values are followed. I am Sanat Bhardwaj 48 years old freelancer and public speaker on Business and Finance.

In our series of compiling and documenting the greatest of Indian Medieval warriors who have been denied their seat of significance by fake historians we are going to  write a brief compilation of Bappa Rawal, a Scion of Mewar region in 8th Century.

Indian fake historians until now remained silent about what happened to north western frontier of India between 8th to 12th Century nearly 400 years, after the fall of Raja Dahir another great Hindu King of Sindh who lost his battle against Arab in 712 AD. The valor and legend of Bappa Rawal the King of Mewar reveals the true history.

Bappa Rawal, (8th century) was a celebrated King of Mewar region in Rajasthan. He is identified as having predecessors of present days Gahlot, Sisodia, Kalabhoj, Shiladitya and Khumana who ruled Mewar during different phases of time.

References of Bappa Rawal are also available in ancient historical sources like 15th century Ekalinga mahatmya (Also known as Ekalinga Purana), Indologist David Gordon White`s work and 11th century writer Al- Baruni.

It has been agreed upon that Bappa Rawal whose original name was Raja Kalbhoj (काल भोज) established the Mewar Kingdom and famous Eklingiji Temple in 728 CE.

Bappa Rawal as popularly called for his greatness and reverence created a confederacy of warriors along with Pratihar King Nagbhata 1st, Bhils and Nagas and decimated the Malechha Arabs and captured the Chittor Fort. They decimated and chased the Arab Mohammad bin Qasim’s army into the deep desert beyond Ghazni.

Bappa Rawal in a sense had broken the myth that Indian Kings could not unite against foreign invaders to protect the mother land. The fake narrative to divide and derecognize them has been in history books for too long. The ferocity and bravery of Bappa Rawal was so astounding that subjects offered him name of reverence Bappa. (मेवाड़ का संस्थापक पिता)

King Bappa Rawal Jee was a visionary Commander. He comprehended immediately that invader are not be decimated within the borders of India alone but to be demolished in their homeland as well.  Bappa Rawal did not have the word forgiveness in his dictionary.

True to his ferocity and military power, he collated and commandeered another confederation of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur kingdom and chased Arabs out of Afghanistan in his maiden effort. The brute power of Confederation was unimaginable. Most of the Arab were killed in this battle.

To strengthen the north western frontier, Bappa Rawal built a city named Rawalpindi still surviving after his name. The city was strategically located and hence made his military garrison.

After strengthening the post of Rawalpindi, Bappa Rawal led 16 valiant forays into Ghazni (Afghanistan) and subjugated entire Ghazni and expanded the kingdom of Mewar boundary up to Iran.

Along and beyond Gujarat, Bappa Jee ran through present Sindh and Baluchistan and freed the entire area from single trace of malechha (Arabs). Such was the power and fear of Mewar in those days that the entire north western frontier was in total command and administered from Mewar only.

It is an illusion for today’s learner and fake historian who coined a thought that Afghani were warrior and not defeated. But the fact scores of Indian Kings from Bappa Rawal Jee, King Lalitaditya and Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa an army General of Great Ranjit Singh defeated subjugated and ruled this Ghazni for quite a long period.

Bappa Rawal had proved his military statesmanship on a vast geographical area deep into central Asia as well. His successful military expedition into Sindh, Baluchistan, Ghazni, Kandahar Khorasan, Turan, Isfahan and in Iran established him as one of the greatest King of contemporary world political map.

The fake myth as taught to the impressionable young mind, that Indian warriors not invaded and controlled North West also stands demolished when we read his successful military expedition.

Such was the terror of Mewar kingdom in those days that Arab forgot the prosperous land of India for any successful military expedition for next 400 years. He introduced coins of Gold to commemorate the establishment of Mewar Kingdom. Later on, among his great descendent, Rana Sanga (Rana Sangram Singh), Maharana Pratap and Rana Uday Singh were the other great Warrior and king of India.

Bappa Rawal Jee who assumed the honor of savior of Chittour at the mere age of 20 finally ruled for next 30 year. He took to spiritual path thereafter and submerged himself into the devotion of Lord Shiv in 753 AD.

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Sanat Bhardwaj
Believer and follower of Sanatan. I have firm faith one day Sanatan will show the world the path of peace prosperity and moral value. World could be better and more beautiful if and only if Sanatan Values are followed. I am Sanat Bhardwaj 48 years old freelancer and public speaker on Business and Finance.

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