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The curious case of Shah Faesal

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Shah Faesal, is a UPSC civil services topper and a staunch campaigner of Pakistan sponsored “Kashmiriyat” and vocal anti-Indian. Although every year someone tops the prestigious Civil services examination, but media gives special attention to “kashmiri’ and “reserved girl” candidates, so Shah Faisal was no exception. If someone is an active news follower, he/she might remember the time when terrorist Burhan Wani was killed by brave Indian soldiers, there were often comparisons between Burhan Wani- a terrorist, and Shah Faisal- a UPSC topper. Any nationalist Indian would’ve liked it, but Shah Faisal was “hurt” by these comparisons! He famously said, “A Kashmiri brother must not be pitched against a Kashmiri brother, its a conspiracy to break Kashmir”.

Kashmir or Kashmiriyat is often misunderstood by millennials who are absorbed in Instagram or any other social media posts of the likes of RVCJ or AIB! They don’t know systemically original Kashmiris and Kashmiriyat was wiped out from pre-colonial period, this gained momentum after the partition of India when Pakistan sponsored terrorists took an ethnic cleansing operation in 1947-48, and completed it by 1990s by the complete ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits.

Shah Faisal resigned from civil services to “fight for Kashmiri people” at the time of the political crisis of Mufti-led PDP government. His daily remarks while as active civil servant were no less than ISI sponsored separatists so giving up a central job to creating a new separatist political party was predictable. He was joined by the likes of JNU tukde-tukde gang members. A civil servant donning pathani suit and a vocal JNU progressive girl covering head with dupatta while party announcement was the perfect recipe for new leaders of “separate Kashmir”. Only all hopes were shattered by abrogation of article 370.

What comes surprisingly, the resignation of Shah Faisal was not accepted. Doesn’t an active civil servant on an anti-India rant forming a political party qualify for disciplinary action? If he is really accepted back in civil services as speculated, will this not give a green signal to anti-Indian forces in bureaucracy? Keeping in mind, every year lots of muslim organisations funded aspirant crack civil services with a target to break India from inside? Also there are various instances when active civil servants were reprimanded for just participating in a non-political public event of RSS or even sometimes just on suspicion of having contacts with RSS!

Is this a new height of secularism?

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