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‘The Appealing’ vs ‘The Appalling’

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The entire nation is aware of the ongoing conflict between The centre and The State over the decision of conducting examination for the final year students. Keeping the present scenario in the epicentre, one can vividly figure who stands as the Appealing and who stands as the Appalling.

It has been a month, when some states announced termination of the final year examinations in view of the extant Pandemic. Weeks later UGC unveils its new guidelines, mandating final year examination. Now the centre and the state seem to be at loggerheads, sabotaging even the nethermost opportunities in this heaving competitive world.

This ongoing pandemic has not only brought ailments to health and economy but also dungeon of darkness by ceasing employment opportunities for students who are still striving every nerve to get a job. Amidst such mayhem among students, parents; UGC still stands tall over its decision justifying, conducting examination will have significant impact on the academic performance of the students. The students are in dire need of their certificates to advance in their respective lives but all at stake now! Such is the mental fragmentation, students cannot even decide whether to gear themselves up for final term or devote their time to other competitive exams. During these wee hours, where the entire world is battling and uniting itself against the dreadful virus, our nation is leaving no stones unturned concentrating on all the squalid stuffs and thereby wrecking our lives. Are they really preparing us for our examination day or dooms day?

No doubt, UGC is justifying its frivolous decision on the egalitarian approach but is this even required considering the havoc this pandemic has created in the world? I fear it may turn into a fiasco. How can the final year examination decide the academic performance of all the students? I am just not able to process the thought behind such a sneaky decision. Our fate is still at the behest of the supreme court. Sincere thanks to all the students, parents, academicians for their humongous efforts in reprobating UGC’s revised guidelines and raising this concern to The Supreme court. Justice is much awaited. Best of luck to all the students out there. Batch of 2020 don’t worry we are going to sail through it.

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Dreamer and Believer ❤️
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