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How the left wing is maligning the image of Maharani Gayatri Devi

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India i.e. Bharat is synonymous with beauty since ancient times. It can be seen from the most beautiful sculptures that were sculpted even before the Chinese have started to drink tea. Some sculptures have so complex and intricate details that even modern sculptors with machinery are in awe of them wondering how to match even one-tenth of it. Even in modern times India is a country with highest number of Beauty pageant winners. In India most of the queens were considered as gorgeous and beautiful, but a queen hailing from Jaipur is considered as the most beautiful person to ever born on earth and her name is MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI. Her beauty was not just in terms of looks but also in class, elegance, courage, service and especially charity activities

She was born on 23 May 1919 in the Royal family of Jaipur. Since childhood she was more mature than her age. While children at the age of 12 years fear at the onset of barking dog, she killed a leopard by hunting in a forest. She was brilliant in academics and can speak many languages like Hindi, French with ease. She was adored as Goddess by the people of Jaipur. She was married to Maharaja Sawai Man Singh 2 as his third wife but unfortunately, he died early at the age of 57. She did many charitable activities throughout her life and even wrote letters to other kingdoms and government for various developmental activities. She was even offered to contest as Member of Parliament by Congress government, but she refused knowing the socialistic and secular policies of Jawaharlal Nehru. But she joined in Swatantra party formed by C Rajagopalachari and won two terms. She won by a majority of 1,75,000 and was entered in Guinness Book of Records. She continued in the party until its existence. During emergency she was even arrested for speaking truth. Being a queen, she could have spent her time by enjoying things, but she was concerned with the welfare of people.

She was an avid car fanatic and enjoys leisure time in riding horses. She wore saree and trousers with same elegance and was a fashion icon during her time. She interacted directly with the people of her kingdom. Her natural beauty cannot match with plastic surgery, make-up sprayed so called beautiful actresses. She was an excellent polo player. She was an absolute delight to look at.

Recently I came across a book called The House of Jaipur, the inside story of most glamorous royal family written by John Zubrzycki on, that publishes free digital books irrespective of their content. Before discussing about the book, we should know few things about the author. He wrote very few books and one of the books was praised by Shashi Tharoor. He wrote a book called The Last Nizam falsely praising them. In my view the ‘The House of Jaipur’ written by him was given inputs by some group of communist liberals.

Even before going to Chapter 1, it criticises Rajput kings as womanisers, drinkers and cowards. The book slowly maligns the image of Rajput kings among the youngsters. After distorting the history through textbooks during the period of Congress they are now using the means of Free digital books written by fake foreign authors. Next, they will use kindle books and international publishers to sell their fake stories. In one instance it shows that Rajput king had overnight liquor parties with women. The ritual was actually more common among Mughal kings and I request the author to write the inside story of any Mughal king.

The book served as a base for fake news websites of India like Wire and The Print. All Indians know about the authenticity of those websites. It had articles saying British opposed the marriage of the king to non-aryan woman like Gayatri Devi. Again, Non-Aryan absolute fake theory was created by liberals and why would British oppose Non-Aryan woman. In another article caste angle was added to her life. I have read only the preview of the book, and could not continue with such factual lies written.

Her official memoir, A Princess Remembers was written after being released from jail along with a lady called Santha Rama Rau should be read by all. But in this book although some things like her fighting legal issues against her family members and many negative things were written about Rajput royal families in general. Every Hindu royal family does service activities like school, hospital and many more, but have you ever heard of any Muslim king family doing service or charitable activities.

In Wikipedia lot of information on her social service was deleted and it was written under Death that she suffered from Gastric trouble while she was in jail and continued till her old age. In reality she died of lung failure.

Instead of her courage, style, elegance and her numerous charities works they were forcing young readers to remember her gastric trouble whenever we think of her. People should read her authentic stories instead of character shaming books. My problem is that people who were neither left wing nor right wing were their major targets.

She was a great personality with elegant beauty and soft heart to do service. Her photographs are sold near tourist places in Rajasthan, but most of the buyers are foreigners not Indians. She was an inspiring personality whose legacy will be remembered forever and her Birthday should be celebrated on a large scale in India.

महारानि गायत्रि माता की जय

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