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Honk and flash as you hark

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The COVID crisis has turned the world on its head and brought everyone at their wits’ end, as the formulae that worked perfectly till now are no longer hitting home. However, for those who are creative, this is the perfect time to think out of the box. This reminds me of a quote by E. B. WhiteEverything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car. Does driving a car have anything to do with creativity? Considering the increase in urbanization by almost 4% in the last decade and concomitant increase in the ease of navigating through life by virtue of increased levels of car ownership, it wouldn’t be unjust to allow cars to enjoy their share of credit in feeding creative spur breakthrough ideas. One such idea that has gained ground ever since the pandemic struck, is that of ‘honk as you hark!’

Be it watching a movie, or attending a musical concert, drive-in is here to stay for long. Whether you want to bask in the glow of stars on a moonlit night alongside enjoying your favourite movie, or avail the services of a curbside pickup from the relative safety of your car, revamps in this quick-service market are underway to cater to your needs. 

Besides ensuring safety and comfort while engaging in luxurious pursuits, drive-in and drive-through formats have also been leveraged to develop testing facilities for COVID-19. Ever since the drive-in was conceived as a solution to redefining customer experience, many small and big players in the market have been innovating continuously to provide customers with a wide range of services in various domains. 

Adapting to the changing needs in Covid times, close relatives like three-wheelers have also pitched in to make ‘contactless experiences’ far from being  preserve of the elite. Not only are they providing easy access to weekend getaways for the entertainment-starved audience, but also enabling businesses find their feet in Covid-battered economy. In a recently organized music festival at Bangkok, concert-goers were picked up by what is known as a tuk tuk. These three-wheeled taxis helped in complying with regulations of social distancing as music-lovers were introduced to a one-of-its kind experience after the lifting of lockdown.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

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