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Here’s why the idea of placing a time capsule beneath Ram temple should be taken seriously

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That which endures the test of time ought to be passed down; be it an heirloom or nuggets of wisdom. Although future is something that everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, almost everybody reaches there by losing something or the other. In a fast-paced technology-driven world, the chances of missing out on something really important increase even more. Unfortunately, people end up begrudging their peers  the possessions they have and, in a bid to be head and shoulders above the rest, they relentlessly strive to achieve things that give their existence a fleeting aura of importance. Therefore, the stakes are high that they might not recognize a commodity  that was actually cherished and treasured by their great grandparents.

What led me to pen down my thoughts on the most priceless entity in the world (time) is the  idea of spending the currency of ‘now’ to craft a ‘past’ for the future generations. As most of you might have guessed it right, it is the idea of creating a time capsule and burying it deep enough so that it doesn’t succumb to the vagaries of time. Interestingly, the date of unearthing and unboxing the capsule is decided almost half-a-century ahead.

Apart from PM Modi’s presence, one reason why the recently concluded Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan ceremony raised eyebrows was because of rumours around placement of a time capsule beneath the temple construction site. Considering that Ram Mandir (if built) would bear  testimony to centuries of struggle for its construction, it makes sense to walk an extra mile to preserve the history vis-a-vis Ram Janmabhoomi for three reasons. Firstly, the time capsule would ensure that no dispute (particularly legal ) related to the birthplace of Lord Ram arises in future. Secondly, it would act as a shield against any misinformation or falsehood that is spread in the name of stoking Hindu passions for political gains. Finally, if the contents of time capsule are allowed to accurately represent facts related to Ram Janmabhoomi and ideals of Lord Ram himself, it would lay the foundation stone for a culture, which, in the words of our PM, will be characterized by  hope, devotion and determination. Perfect recipe for Ramrajya, isn’t it?

Having said that, burying of a time capsule, if at all done, should bury the claim that Hinduism is the other face of Indian nationalism. Its time to change the narrative test Hindutva should become BJP’s achilles heel.

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