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Gujarat takes “bullet train speed” in development

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Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has taken some Mammoth decisions within one month which has directly proven the capability of Gujarat and it’s governance. The decisions will affect directly and indirectly each and every working sector and more importantly no sector is left out in these decisions. Some Key decisions are as under.

1) New Industrial Policy 2020..
Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015 has come to an end as on 31st December 2019. It was further extended up to the date of release of new policy or 31st December 2020 whichever is earlier. The Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015 comes to an end and has supported overall industrial development across the state. The success of the policy can be evaluated by the following key points:Gujarat stands 1st in terms of nos. of IEMs (Industrial Entrepreneurship Memorandum) filed & actual investment reported for 2019 with ~51% share of IEMs filed in India in terms of value with a proposed investment of USD 49 Bn as per the data released by DPIIT, Govt of India. While India saw an increase of 48% in proposed investments (IEMs) in 2019, Gujarat recorded a growth of 333% over previous year. In FY 2019-20; Gujarat saw the highest national increment of 240% in FDI inflows from previous year as against a growth of 14% in FDI in India.

Gujarat also has the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country @3.4% as per survey report by National Statistical Office, Govt. of India. Thrust Sectors have been conceptualized with a view on global investment trends, the need for strengthening the integrated value chains, exports, policies by government of India, NITI Aayog etc. The thrust sectors have been categorized in two major groups i.e Core sectors & Sunrise Sectors. Core sectors include areas where Gujarat already has a strong manufacturing base and has potential to accelerate further on a global scale. Sunrise Sectors are sectors which have a significant potential for technological advancement and can contribute to sustainable economic development. Thrust sectors will be given incremental incentives as part of the policy.

2) 7 Town Planning schemes in a single day!!
With the commitment of integrated & planned urban development in the state, CM Vijay Rupani approves 7 more Town Planning schemes that include 2 draft TP of AUDA, 1 draft TP of Bhavnagar, 2 varied preliminary TP schemes of Ahmedabad and 2 final TP schemes of GUDA & Rajkot

3) NITI Aayog has ranked Gujarat #1 in export preparedness index.
Gujarat is flourishing in all directions and all verticals. This is one of the key performance indexes in measuring the Ease Of Doing Business.
Gujarat, that has been ranked as the top-performing state in NITI Aayog’s Export Preparedness Index 2020, is a leader in exports in the whole country with longest coastline, efficient transport system, excellent infrastructure, SEZs and export promotion policy of the Gujarat Govt

4) ‘Gujarat Land Grabbing Prohibition Act’.
CM Vijay Rupani proposes to bring a new law called ‘Gujarat Land Grabbing Prohibition Act’ with stringent provisions to curb land grabbing related crimes by mafia in the state.
👉🏾Dedicated Revenue courts to be constituted.
👉🏾 These courts will have to complete the proceedings of a case within 6 months.
👉🏾 Increased punishment
It will provide protection to land owners.

5) ‘Nal se Jal’ mission.
CM Shri Vijay Rupani decides to regularize illegal domestic water connections and to provide tap water connections to slums in urban areas of the state under PM Narendra Modi’s ambitious ‘Nal se Jal’ mission. Gujarat sets an example in drinking water supply management in the country and is all set to provide tap water connection for clean and adequate potable water supply to every household by the years 2022, instead of by 2024, as envisaged under the JAL JEEVAN mission.

6) A new era of skyscrapers construction to begin in Gujarat –
As per the new rules for construction of 70+ floor buildings in Gujarat, the plot size for construction of a building having a height between 100 to 150 metres must be minimum 2500 sqm and for the proposed height above 150 metres, the plot size has to be minimum 3500 sqm. The skyscrapers, as per the recent announcement by CM Vijay Rupani, can be constructed only on the road more than 30 meters wide and maximum 5.4 FSI will be permitted for the same. The premium FSI will be available on chargeable basis. The revolutionary decision to permit construction of skyscrapers in 5 major cities of the state will not only raise the height of buildings but the growth of urban infrastructure development in Gujarat will also skyrocket.

7) Restarting of the state’s second ship-breaking yard. CM Vijay Rupani in a visionary step approved restarting of the state’s second ship-breaking yard at Sachana in Jamnagar district, to be modelled on the lines of Alang, world’s largest ship-breaking yard, that will provide direct-indirect employment to thousands of people.

8) CM Vijay Rupani announces stamp-duty waiving on loans to support Corona affected start-ups, small industries and street-vendors and hawkers.

9) CM Vijay Rupani decides to make revolutionary revenue amendment in ‘Ganot Dhara’, according to which agriculture-animal husbandry universities, Medical-Engg colleges & others would not require a prior permission from Collector to purchase the land for educational purpose.

Gujarat has taken BULLET TRAIN speed in Development with these key decisions.

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