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Goat lives matter

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This week, approximately 1.5 billion people belonging to a certain community celebrated Eid al-Adha, a four-day feast. The key ritual of this festival is to kill a goat. The animal is blindfolded, put down while it bleats continuously and then slaughtered in the name of their god. The meat is then consumed by the family and also distributed to neighbours and to the needy.

Like this, year after year, countless innocent goats are mercilessly slaughtered. During this period, all animal’s rights activists, organisations and virtue signallers go underground and don’t utter a word. In fact, organisations like PETA that were started in order to ensure that no one messes with innocent animals, end up giving in to the goat murderers. All animals are equal, but for PETA it seems like some animals are more equal than others. This organization clearly has developed a bias against poor goats due to threats from a certain community because in July of this year PETA removed all anti-goat slaughter posters from Indian cities. PETA today is single-handedly responsible for the slaughter of millions of goats.

And not just slaughter, members of a certain community are also known to indulge in bestiality with goats. Numerous incidents of gang rape of goats have been recorded. In the past, a few people like Arvind Kejriwal’s aide have also gone to the extent of justifying such incidents of degenerate animal sexual intercourse.

As an Indian, it deeply pains me to see that my country has weak and close to non-existent animal ritual slaughter laws while Islamic countries like Abu Dhabi impose a fine of 5,000 Dirhams i.e a lakh rupee for those caught slaughtering animals in homes, public parks or other places. Why’s it that goat murderers are given special relaxations in India? As it is, these murderers are allowed to cause noise pollution by blaring their religious propaganda five times a day through loudspeakers while poor Hindus aren’t even allowed to control their own temple’s funds.

We must not let these anti-goat elements take over our country. Start small and protest against goat slaughter. Force international pretentious organizations and public figures to take action. It’s our turn to cause an outrage but, for the right reasons, for a better Rashtra.

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