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Fascism and freedom of speech: How it was played by liberals

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Let’s get to the point straight, if anything Leftist group says whether it is scandalous, derogatory doesn’t matter, if came under the scanner it is a violation of freedom of speech and expression but anything comes from right wing which seems to destabilize the narrative that they had built will surely be attacked by them and freedom of speech and expression doesn’t matter then.

Exactly the perfect scenario happened last day. There is a lot of discussion going on in the case of Prashant Bhushan. Left-liberals are putting their heart-out to make Prashant Bhushan, saviour of free speech but at same time this marxist-liberal nexus bullied Bloomsbury-India publisher to rescind the publication of the book. The book called ‘DELHI RIOTS 2020: The Untold Story’ is authored by Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar and Prerna Malhotra, which was based on factual data gathered from ground investigations, interviews with various affected people. This is their level of tolerance when comes to freedom of speech and expression.

How they did it?

They started an online campaign through social media platforms and various leftist authors including Atish Taseer requested the scottish historian William darlymple to stop this from happening. Darlymple on twitter replied that he and several other Bloomsbury authors are onto this. After that, the publication house crumbled on pressure and terminated the book.

Not only that, this publication house before published a book called “Shaheen Bagh from a protest to a movement” but also in that book they eulogized Tahir Hussain, who was the mastermind behind this riot according to the police chargesheet, and declared him innocent.

Many reputed authors like Former IAS officer Sanjay Dixit who had earlier published two books with them has cancelled his upcoming book. JNU professor Anand Ranganathan also did the same. Famous Hindi journalist and author Sandeep Deo had published many books with them and more titles are coming, he also decided not to work with them in future. Apart from that economist Sanjeev Sanyal and writer Harsh Madhusudan vowed not to publish a book with them.

Authors of the book on a virtual meeting yesterday declared that they will go to court for their freedom of speech but if Bloomsbury will not publish it they will self publish it. This case busted the minacious nexus that controlled the most academia and publication industry and their evil-intention.

It is clear that they will make sure that only their voice can be heard, anything come against them or anything critical about their opinions will be shut down.

Those who are self-proclaimed idol of free-speech and expression are themselves the most intolerant and of course a danger to Indic civilizations.

This is Fascism

This is the copybook case how fascism works. If one looked at the campaigning which they built and ultimately led to the de-platformation of the book is the way fascism works.First they tried to build a consensus among people that the book was false propaganda and then started putting pressure on publication house to stop publishing.

A strong response

India showed the way how to handle these bullies who things that they control the power. The book “Delhi riot 2020: The untold story now will be published by an indigenous publication house Garuda Prakashani. Not only their intention to stop the book was thrashed but their silly ways gave the book enough marketing it needed.

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