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To all the J Sai Deepak fans

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  1. He has never run away from any questions.
  2. He always gives as good as he gets, usually never holding back his punches.
  3. He never fumbles.
  4. He gives Dr.Anand Ranganathan, a run for his money in the competition of speaking fast.
  5. “Feminists” always turn red-faced after they pontificate on the Sabarimala case in front of him.
  6. He wears two watches and always re-wears a watch on his left hand after completing a speech/lecture

All humor and admiration aside, I as a fan of him, after scrolling through the comments under his videos, the comments under his tweets and in retweets, have observed that, J Sai Deepak is hailed as the saviour of the Hindus. I would like to go beyond this truth, and add my personal observations and suggestions for the way forward.

We as Hindus have been victims of trans-generational trauma that has not been given due credit under our education system and in our history textbooks. It is the Hindus that have been oppressed in their own land by foreign invaders of all hues and have forgotten to stand our ground on civilizational issues that are historically and factually accurate, without a doubt. Like J Sai Deepak, the Dharmic warrior from the younger generation, we have had and still have such warriors like him in the older generation like, the greats and most honorable Shri K Parasan, Shri CS Vaidyanathan etc. Sai himself, is a humble student of such luminaries and is unabashed in attributing to them in many of his lectures, tweets and writings.

Keeping all this aside, one common comment he receives is, “We need more people like Sai for the Hindu cause”.

This is where I would differ. More than a Hindu needing J Sai Deepak, J Sai Deepak needs you.

Now, one might wonder as to how and why such a stalwart like Sai would need an average Hindu, when has a wonderful intellect and to top it all, a fantastic research team.

Answer is, Sai fights the legal battles on behalf on Hindus, not for money, but for Dharma. He represents all the levels of Hindu sentiment and his mighty arsenal would definitely be much more “lethal” if the knowledge of the average Hindu is added. The Hindu must make himself useful for him by taking an interest in the Indic civilisation starting from any point- temples, culture, illegal immigration etc. Specialize in any one of these and contribute to him. If a Hindu wishes for Sai to keep fighting for Hindus, one must ask, what ammunition have you provided him in order to fight for your interests?

Apart from praises in all forums of social media, perhaps we must make ourselves useful for Sai. While many “comrades” make themselves “useful idiots” for Breaking India forces with such vigor and passion, what is stopping us from making ourselves useful for people like Sai?

The battle for civilization is not merely limited to social media. There are enough capable people to save the civilization on social media. What lacks is Bhamashahs that Sai constantly implores us to be. Hone your skills and enrich yourself with knowledge, dear passionate Hindu.

Simple ways to become a useful asset to Sai:

  1. Learn Indic languages and be proficient in them.
  2. Take up reading of our Itihasa and Puranas apart from regional texts and sthalapuranas
  3. Take an interest in the temple nearby. Make notes or blog about their structure, history, traditions, rituals, cultural contribution etc.
  4. Read as many books as possible, from both ideological spectra, step out of the air-conditioned room and engage in what is now known as community service, but was previously known as duty.
  5. Expand your knowledge on the civilization by not paying heed to the gossip behind everyone engaged this cause, even from within the community, but by paying heed to the accuracy of their research.
  6. Do not seek validation on social media. Try to get in touch with people like Sai and present to them whatever you know.

If you are still not convinced that you can be useful to Sai, I present to you, this analogy.

Sri Ramachandra did not need the squirrel to carry tiny pebbles to construct the Ram Setu to reach Lanka. Yet, the squirrel, knowing very well that its contribution is no where close to the contribution of Hanumanji nor would the pebble be integral to the Setu’s stability, had not withdrawn from helping, as it is the cause that matters. Not the size.

P.S: Sai, if you get to read this, I would like to know the reason behind for what I have observed in the sixth observation.

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