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Menace of Indian stand-up wags (comedians)

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Standup Wags – since Comedian is a professional term – are hate filled adults with a traumatic childhood grown infested with mental morbidity.

Their being given a platform is a way to outburst vague grievances against the political and societal structure by the dark forces hell bent on destroying everything that rustic believes in, has faith in.
Their denigrating Hinduism is a premeditated attempt at turning away the coming generation of Hindus from their roots, their culture and their way of life and push them into an ‘utopian world of equality’.

These knobheads are phony comedians and hypocrite of a different level. In the name of standup comedy all they do is objectify women, normalize rape, trivialize abusive language and fill the minds of spectators with hate for a particular religion and its customs by mocking its gods, while at the same time choose not to do the same to Islam and Christianity knowing very well that the terrorist forces among Muslims and extremist groups among Christians won’t leave no stone unturned to punish their misdemeanors.

These buffoons are useful idiots of the Communists who are convenient atheists. Like their masters they proclaim themselves as atheists while mocking Hinduism but dons a religious cloth while face backlash from Hindus to claim victimhood.

However, this is not the case when there is a backlash from Muslims or Christians. In that case they simply ask for forgiveness for sin they have committed because no Muslim or Christian is as tolerant and forgiving as a Hindu. With the awakening Hindu pride and a Hindu centric party’s coming to power and retaining it has augmented the intensity of their abusing Hindus and their customs many folds.

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