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How Congress is playing deaf and sightless on their own assassins

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Since this incident included well known and renowned faces of Indian National Congress, which can be called a very big loss to political history of congress, why did Bhupesh Baghel lead congress government did not stop the Maoists meeting which recently held at Bastar recently? Has the Congress State Government forgot ”JHEERAM MASSACRE”?

The Turning Red of Jheeram Ghati: When all the Congress party members died because of Naxal attack; nobody can ever forget that Jheeram Ghati attack which is tagged as the most horrible and gruesome in the history of politics and also in the history of Indian National Congress. Deadly date was 25th may 2013, the convoy started moving from highly dangerous area that is Sukma district (completely impacted by Maoists).

The time was 4:30 in the evening when the first blast happened as soon as they crossed Darbha valley. All set for ambush attack, the Naxalites were hidden, did blasts and started open firing on the whole convoy of ministers.

Total number of death reported was 35, out of them 29 including big faces of Congress who died are-

  1. Mahendra Karma- Congress MLA
  2. Nand Kumar Patel- PCC president
  3. Dinesh Patel- youth congress leader (nand kumar,s son)
  4. Uday Mudliyar- ex MLA, Rajnandgaon
  5. Allah Noor- Congress worker, Rajnandgaon
  6. Yogendra Sarma- congress worker, Raipur Rural
  7. Rajesh Chandrakar- Yogendra’s Driver
  8. Manoj Joshi- Congress driver, Darbha
  9. Abhishek Golchha- congress worker, Nagri
  10. Ganpat Nag- Congress worker, Darbha
  11. Gopichand Madhvani- Congress Worker, Jagdalpur
  12. Sada Singh Nag- congress worker darbha
  13. Bhagirathi- Congress worker, Chhindwara Darbha
  14. Rajkumar- Car helper, Darbha
  15. Chander Ram- worker from Odisha in a truck
  16. Prahlad- worker from Odisha
  17. Emmanuel kerketta- ASI Jagdalpur police
  18. Prafulla Shakya – ASI, Bhilai police
  19. Ashok Kumar- Head constable, Bhilai Police
  20. Chandrahas Dhurve- Constable, Jagdalpur police
  21. Patrick Khalkho- Constable, Jagdalpur police
  22. Tarun Deshmukh- Constable, Khepli Durg Police

Why is deaf game played by Chattisgarh Government when their own party people were brutally killed by maoists? There was a meeting going on at the interiors of Bastar where all the top maoist leaders were present.

There is a major attack being planned by them- it was suspected. Also top maoist terrorists were a part of that meet. Their main motive is to spread the terror again and also increase of terror organisations. They have major grudges because of the death of maoist terrorist leader Ramanna, who died 6 months ago. Ramanna had price money of 1.5 crores on his head. According to sources the task to head the meeting was given to Nambala Keshava Rao aka Gaganna, but still official announcement has not been made.

Bastar Police and Intelligence are well aware of their meeting and the purposes. State Government lead by congress is accused of supporting maoists and Naxalites also the central leadership of Congress is accused for the same.

Earlier in the month of june Maoists held a meeting which included more than 10,000 villagers in the border areas of Bijapur, district Sukma They also discussed their leadership with the villagers. They also arranged money for so called meeting of theirs. The congress government in Chhattisgarh is consistently talking about acting against Naxals and Maoisits but they are not doing any actions against them, why are being helpless towards them? What is this leading to?

Recently, few days back Naxals killed a policemen named Somaru Poyam in front of his own family brutally , while constable was home on medical leave (superintendent of police Kamlochan Kashyap said) poyam has posting on Farsegarh Police station. Near about 12 Naxalites killed jim with Axe, Bows and Arrows.

How many more deaths and attacks will it take for state government lead by Congress to stop the mayhem by Naxalites and Maoists? Those Maoists and Naxalites brutally killed their own main faces of congress. What is it which is stopping the state government to take actions against them even after knowing all the happenings done by them. It is completely visible that how they are making the web of terror more and more wide, they are all reckless and bold enough to give successful result to whatever result they want. Brutal killings of people openly and spreading fear among people is not at all acceptable, government should rather than just saying on interviews must do some action against it.

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