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Dear Comrades,
Laal Salam,

I am a left-liberal. I basically support communism and left, but along with that I also support various other ideologies against India. By supporting a lot more ideologies you find a large spectrum to criticise current government. I use them according to the need. I want to raise some very serious issues here. I am writing this piece because in this COVID-19 period I am not allowed to protest outdoors but as an in born protester I can not live more without protests. So, I thought protesting in written manner and telling stories of protest is a good idea.

Government of India has done very wrong by revoking article 370 from Kashmir. Removal of article 370 is a step towards making some misguided youth jobless. They lost their jobs of stone pelting on soldiers and damaging their vehicles. Firstly this fascist government stopped funding of separists and now  this cowardly move. This government is indirectly stopping separists to import some very important resources needed to save humanity and prevail peace in valley. These essential resources like bombs, guns, firearms and terrorists from neighbouring countries. Stopping import with our neighbour country will affect strategic relationship in between countries. Revoke of 370 is an inhumane act done by this government and banning internet will  hit hard on our economy. We should not ban internet to save some Kashmiri brethren, our economy is important. Govt. Should learn to prioritize things.

So, Let’s move on another one.

This fascist government also passed a bill name CAA. It was totally unconstitutional. I oppose this bill. It will destroy economy of country and every one will be jobless. It will also have a great impact on our various sectors specially in infrastructure, automobile, telecom and agriculture. I don’t want to go in Details, how it will affect people? But so many people are protesting against this  bill so something may wrong in bill obviously.

I also protested against this bill in Shaheen Bagh. This protest was very peaceful, as a protesters we blocked some roads to avoid traffic jams in city. We also pelted stones on police on several occasions. It was a part of our freedom of expression. For lighting we set fire in buses and some vehicles. Burning vehicles also gave us heat along with light in those cold days.


I also collected some of stones on top of my roof. These stones were for security reasons, If police passes from this way requesting us to protest peacefully we can pelt them to continue our peaceful protest.

I was present in several protests with petrol bombs, hand granades, stones, guns, other firearms, placards, weeds, condoms, petrol, lighters and a copy of constitution to burn, etc. to save our constitution.

See here I was featured in News

One more event, I would like to mention here from JNU, I with my friends reading in library without books putting masks on our faces (we were aware of corona that time), some of them  also are reading books below tables. Some of us have stones in our hands for playing indoor games. Police entered in campus and started beating us without any reason.This is the your new India. I accept all of us are involved in stone pelting but this does not mean that police will enter in campus and beat students. Police should be tolerant and should tolerate some stones pelted by innocent students.

One of my friend protesting against government.

We also protested in several parts of country and demanded azadi (chanting hum lekke rahenge azadi) and also chanted some very secular words like, hindutva ki kabr, F#ck hindutva, tera mera rishta kya?, idol will be removed and bas nam rahega Allah ka etc. etc. to save soul of  secularism of this country. We also vandalised some temples and broke some idols of gods, swami vivekananda, burn bhagwa clothes etc. to strengthen secularism in India. We are still trying hard to save secularism by posting beef pics, spreading corona, mocking bhakts, killing sadhus etc.

My friends protesting against hindutva

We also chanted ‘Hum kagaj nhi dikhanyeinge’ against this fascist government. I am still following these words I am not showing papers except in some case like for free ration,free gas, for voting against this fascist government and for getting scholarships etc.

I with my friends also very politely warned government If they will not take CAA back we will destroy this country and divide this in to small pieces. I also told my friends to cut Assam from India and chanted ‘sab yaad rakha jayega’. I have a lot more to say but I have to go to buy a fair handsome cream for video conferencing protest in campaign Black Lives Matter.

Dear comrades make me popular and share this voice against this fascist government more and more. I shall always rise my voice against injustice. See you soon in next protest.

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