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Digital veins over traditional veins

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STUDENT, Lives in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Hey, come on, let’s take a snap. SNAP, it is the common word in these days. When we hear this word, our brains, which are already enough equipped and accustomed to this word, start their reflexes. Our chapped lips pave their way to reach cheekbones, and eyes wrinkles curls themselves. That look freezes for milliseconds. These milliseconds worth zilch in this world, but the hippocampus subconscious world, they are enough to fire neurons and generate a chemical blip called thought.

Say cheese moment may last for milliseconds, but the ramifications produced in the abstract subconscious world can be ever last. What are those ramification’s thoughts? What can mere snap trigger? It’s just a snap. That snap embarks its cruise in the digital world. Now, we are living in the digital age, and it’s by far the best age. Old stone age never thought of this digital age, but the digital age itself showed how the stone age seems like to metropolitan evolvers. This digital age is the repository of the past, present, and future.

This soaring digital world makes everything obsolete and quaint. In this digital age, everything is public, and everything is in reach. We can understand it and yet hazy. It’s a nebulous world. It gives birth to many pigeonholes, as well as busts myths. This phantasm realm pokes its nose into many features of this real-world and puts its mirage screen to best use. This shapes the real-world sensibilities and continuously abrase and alter human emotions such as love, envy, disparagement, discouragement, motivation, inspiration, provocation, and compassion.

The digital age has negative effects as much as it has positive effects. Positive always exists in tandem with negative. As feelings are mostly ambivalent, so are our thoughts. These mixed thoughts can render a fair amount of positive and negative influences. In this era, three-year kids want to swap their veins with digital ones. We have been replenishing ourselves with lithium salt electrolytes for ages. We prefer RF radiation to carbohydrates. Digitization is pervasive and merged with our traditional veins. Our lives are so much so entangled and entrenched with this intricate internet. We read we learn; we feel, we pine for; we love, we disdain; we live, we dwell; we groove, we loosen up, and resides for eternal in this clumsy cluttered net.

Many people achieved their goals on this internet. Indeed, this internet has shed much light on dark lives, but how is our mediocrity adolescence going to use this light? It is the grappling question. We have heard about many teens maiden startups on the internet and meting out jobs, and accomplishing their future via the internet. We also heard about many teens are skewing towards surgical treatments so that they look perfect in their digital pandora box, commonly called a selfie gallery.

Everyone thinks this Hazy world is perfect. Spick and span in every aspect. We can paint our chapped and pale lips to plumpish red, and we can erase our zits on our face in the nebulous world. This real-world is incompetent to erase the zit caused by the hazy world on this mediocrity naive brains. In this hazy world, everything seems possible and shows the perfect tale of ourselves.we have the liberty to add the same filters as our celebrated people, and we can have total similar lavish benefits. Every person possesses a picture-perfect life. When we come out of that hazy world, we cannot stand ourselves in this real world. We are not ready to embrace our flaws and inadequacies in this real world. This causing great stress on naive brains.

This hazy world subdues the real world. It formed new statutes of life and beauty. It fashions a child’s mind and renders him apathy. Their brains start running from this fashioned stereotypes and try to elude them at every stage, but this capacious nebulous mesh never allows them, because it has already entangled with our veins. This produces mental depression. We project our emotions in the real world, and we think we are not good enough for this world. Iciness freezes in our eyes and we start fizzling. We detach ourselves from loved ones. We never understand the real world works on hope, love, belief, and leap of faith, not on authentic codes or step verifications.

Is it worth feeling stressed for a hazy thing? I asked this question myself and asking every mediocrity naive brain. Love the world we live in and cherish the moments in real life. Believe in yourself, Everything is possible. Pave your way to change the nope to yep.

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STUDENT, Lives in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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